I have been actively practicing my spirituality for several years now, and one question that always comes up is, who do you worship? The word “worship” stems from a religion point of view causes confusion for those inquiring about the practice. However, in spirituality we simply give thanks to our spirit guides and ask them for assistance for whatever we need. When we call upon a deity during our spiritual work, we communicate with them verbally and through symbolization.

We do not worship any specific deity or spirit guide because we understand their purpose is to share their knowledge and energy towards anything that is required during that ritual. In the Christian religion, you are taught to speak to Jesus and he will guide you in the place of God. You are told that you are not clean enough or good enough to speak directly to God yourself. You need an intercessor to hear your prayers and to relay the message for you.

This idea is partially true. We come from the Creator so it’s not like you’re not worthy of speaking to the Higher Power, it’s just that God is busy. Sounds funny, but it’s so true. I mean think about it, do you honestly think God can speak to everyone who calls his name? Everything has a line of order or command. “As above so below.” When we have an issue in our neighborhood are we able to speak to the president? Of course not, because he deals with the more important issues of the country and not your personal concerns. There are other people specialized and authorized to handle certain political and social concerns of the people and this is true in spirituality as well.

God has given you spirit guides to help you in your path of life. Your spirit guides are the ancestors, angels, and deities that have come before you who were approved by the Creator to help assist you. They’re the ones who knows you best and watch over you in your every day life. When you reach out to them while in prayer or during meditation, this is not a form of worship. Speaking to your spirit guides opens up a line of communication to the other side.

Now, some cultures do worship certain deities by placing their statue on their altar and surrounding them with candles, but this is their faith and religious practices. Don’t confuse spirituality with religion. Spirituality is not as uniformed as religion. Different situations cause for different types of spiritual work. We don’t do the same things for all situations. Each deity helps us in a specific way. Assistance is different from worship. Keep this in mind and you will open the door to blessings you couldn’t imagine in your life.

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I am a spiritual intercessor, writer ,and alchemist who communicates with spirit guides to help assist you in your spiritual journey. I provide messages sent to me by the ancestors and angels who watch over you in your everyday life. They have a divine message for you and I am here to make sure you receive that message and live your best life through Spirit.