Recently, an acquaintance shared his opinion with us that wicked secret societies and reptilians with evil intent control the planet and humanity, and that there is no hope.

We are not experts on secret societies and reptilians, but in our view, there is hope and the future is bright.

Conspiracy theorists will sometimes say anything to sell books. Sometimes they confuse spiritual laws that influence the world with other-dimensional oppressors who wish the planet's population harm.

Our long-term findings show the laws of personal fate and karma to be valid theories. Nobody escapes these spiritual laws, just as nobody escapes the law of gravity. Just as you don't confuse the law of gravity with a cabal of evil sorcerers who aim to prohibit humans from flying like birds, you shouldn't confuse not getting what you want sometimes with a conspiracy to keep you unhappy. We don't believe the Templars, Illuminati, Gnostics, and other groups are plotting to hold you back from following your dreams.

Benevolent Organizations

Select, shadowy groups may intend to keep certain parts of the population subjugated, but we believe it's impossible to keep individuals down forever, unless they target you specifically, which they probably aren't doing. It's our belief most (if such groups exist) actually approve of individuals contributing to the progression of the human race because their own future is a part of it.

Science-fiction Attracts Readers

Again, we aren't experts on reptilians, but, if they exist, perhaps they are just another form of demon. Rudolf Steiner taught that although demons have wrecked havoc, they have inadvertently been useful to the evolution of the human race through materialism and intellectualism. It eventually becomes a problem with complete separation from one's spiritual self, which leads to a soulless existence.

The theory is not very exciting, but leave it to the conspiracy theorists to weave it into a tall tale, which goes something like this: "Rudolf Steiner taught that Ahriman, a demon, intends to enslave humanity through advanced technology..." Rudolf Steiner never said that; the person who made it up is doing so for his own personal gain and creating bad karma for himself.

Secret Societies and Population Control

We once heard someone say, "If the (secret society) had their way, advances in medicine would have never seen the light of day and many more would be dead today. They engineered plagues to kill off millions." The engineering of diseases to keep civilization in check, or to exterminate certain groups, sounds like something from a Hollywood sci-fi movie. We hope this isn't true, but if it is, imagine the karma they are creating for themselves.

Our theory is that even extremes like plagues and disease can strengthen a soul's immunity for the next incarnation, just as having a cold serves to strengthen your immunity in this lifetime. According to Dr Mercola, it's a sign of potential disease if a person never gets sick; the body may not be boosting it's immunity like those who get a cold once in a while.

Perhaps there have been covert factions with malicious intent throughout history, but ultimately we believe the real power on this planet isn't nefarious in the least. We believe it's in the best interest of those who hold the ultimate power on planet Earth, if there is such a group, to ensure catastrophes like the Holocaust never occur again.

Law of Polarity

Consider the law of polarity in this mundane dimension--love and hate, feminine and masculine, right and left, hot and cold, night and day, dark and light, and so on. Even if factions of evil-doers exist, there are eventually counter groups to balance things out.

For every other-dimensional entity intent on tyrannizing the planet's population, there is a force just as powerful working to ensure freedom and allow humanity to progress toward a glorious future.

The law of karma may, at times, be confused with a group of evil old men bent on enslaving you. But the truth, as we see it, is karma and predetermination are behind many of the "bad" things that happen on this planet--your soul (not your personality) selects the key life circumstances in each incarnation. Also, rest assured that Light is stronger than evil, and Light will always prevail in the end. Recognizing these spiritual truths is liberating and allows you to make the most of your personal fate.

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