Spiritual healing is practised by those that are natural mediums. It may have come to pass as an additional talent when the medium has been interested in health and nutrition and healing the human body.

Good spiritual healing involves the medium making contact with the spirit side, and then channelling healing energies from the non physical realms, this can often be through doctors and health therapists who have left the earth plane but still wish to help heal the sick here on the physical levels.

The spiritual healer will usually stand near the patient who would be lying down, and then concentrating on raising their vibration into the spirit realms the healer would channel down through their hands the healing energies. Sometimes a large crack or sound can be heard as the body is adjusted and corrected, or a warm feeling of calm and heat has also been reported.

Miracles can and do occur but it is vital to seek a real practitioner when trying these services. The late Betty Shine was an example of a great spiritual healer who agreed to pass on survival evidence in exchange for help with her physical healing which was spiritual in nature – she had much more of a calling to do this and therefore a kind of contra deal was made, with two important spiritual services on offer and a win win situation.

She also became part of spiritual groups where there was often sudden death involved such as a plane crash, and in this role she would be explaining to the deceased that they had in fact passed over and must now leave the realm where they stayed in order to progress in the afterlife. This is a very important service and one that is taken upon by many mediums who visit, in a dream state, their local hospital for example in order to ease those who are dying through the transition phase.

Society’s fear of death is something that many will have right up until their transition and this is to do with the fact so little is known about our essence or true human make-up. Those that gain understanding of this and accept it as real fact will have a smoother transition into the afterlife, knowing that eternity awaits, and freedom from an often useless physical shell shall be theirs.

Spiritual healing in itself is very helpful in correcting the issues with an unwell body, but it cannot stop death where terminal illness has been diagnosed and the body is so far gone that it cannot be repaired, what it can do is ease the suffering and fear of the person going through it, whilst helping emotionally and bringing calm and peace.

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