Spiritual healing is the procedure of healing diseases, ailments, syndrome, maladies, and disorders through the power of some religious, divine, psychic, mystical or transcendental beliefs.

It is the conviction, principle and creed that faith can generate and effect healing. This is through the process and the power of prayer, chant, and meditation that in agreement to believers induce a heavenly presence to provide power to cure, heal and preserve health.

Faith in heavenly intervention in treating diseases, ailments, maladies, syndrome and disorders is connected to spiritual beliefs. Basically, spiritual healing specifies to remarkable evidences and ceremonial practices, rituals, or public prayer, gestures and acts, like for instance: the laying on of hands over the sick. This gesture designates and claimed to plea for heavenly interference in pledging religious, mystical or factual healing.

More and more people are fascinated by spiritual healing. Believers to faith healers have crossed continents just to get themselves healed. The assertion that prayers can induce heavenly interference, or the assistance and gestures of faith healers that can heal and cure illnesses have been hitting its highest marks in popularity since ancient times is a phenomenon.

Amazing improvements have been connected to various methods typically grouped together as “faith healing”. It may include: prayers, going to temples, churches or shrines, or plainly a powerful conviction in a supreme being.

The word “spiritual healing” emphasizes the power of some divine interference and how it can provide treatment by simply believing to the concept of faith healing. Spiritual healers have some kind of charisma. They have these special or mystical abilities to heal and sometimes “operate” on their patients, like for instance: eye cataracts, kidney and gall bladder stones, inflamed appendix, cysts removal, and others.

These spiritual healers exude magical, supernatural and mysterious powers which cannot be explained through science. Today, these have been the subject of debates among skeptics and believers as to the veracity of the healing. However, there have been evidences that can be seen, and actual surgeries were performed. Providing credits to the results of the surgeries which turned out to be positive and are actually been healing. It is a mystery and miracle at the same time.

On the other hand, some cynics assert that all of these are just pure tricks and a hoax. That some patients were rushed off to the nearest hospitals of serious bleeding caused by unsuccessful operations, or some patients died of severe infection.

The term “spiritual healing” signifies Christianity. Just like the way how Jesus Christ healed the sick, returned the dead back to life, gave sight to the blind, heal the lepers, and all diseases in that time.

These acts were sorts of inspirations for the faith healers of today. And they are just following the footsteps of Jesus Christ. It is their concept, idea and notion. Whatever has transpired on these acts were left to the discretion of the believer. It was supposed most probably that having enough faith will provoke believers to trust in such theory.

However, for those who were unlucky not to have been healed, the explanation to this might be that they have probably do not have enough faith to get through all the ordeals in getting their illness healed.

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Rachel Ann is a Reiki Master and writes for the psychic & metaphysical industry, promoting the discovery of the personal spiritual path, awareness and self development.

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