There is no way anybody can progress in life, unless their karma is cleared. If you have good karma, everything would happen on its own. You would have been born in a royal family, with a tremendous amount of resources, private jets and so on and so forth. But unfortunately, most people are not born with silver spoons in their mouths. Most people, in fact, are born with plastic spoons. And some, for that matter, don’t even have a spoon. They have to eat with their hands because a plastic spoon is not even available.

There was a Siddha who was answering questions about economic disparity between people. He was the most intelligent Siddha who could answer any question -very enlightened. And this guy asked him, “How is it that somebody is riding in a palanquin while others are carrying him?” The palanquin, in those days, was a special chair used to carry kings and queens. So this guy asked the saint, “why is this guy sitting in that chair and drinking nice wine. And the others are carrying him? What is this? Why there is such disparity?” The Siddha replied, “The guy who is riding the palanquin has done some good karma in his previous life. The guy who is carrying him has done terrible things. And he is paying for his karma.”

The law of karma is inexorable. You cannot escape it.

That’s the bottomline. The law of karma is inexorable. That’s why I have this single most important message. I can challenge…if your karma is bad, whether it’s financial karma, health karma, or relationship karma, if it’s bad and if it’s not removed, problems will occur. If the financial karma is not removed, finances will never improve. Never. If the relationship karma is not taken care of, relationships will never improve. And I have come here to do this. My primary role is to remove karma.

“I am a karma buster”

Karma busting. I am a karma buster. Like a ghost buster. There is no way until your karma is done.
I have tested this not only in this lifetime but many lifetimes. There was this guy whose money came to rock-bottom. There was no way he could handle the situation. He was desperate. What was he going to do…because he had literally hit rock bottom. No money was available from anywhere and he could not go to anyone. Even old problems started coming up. Problems, problems, problems…

Manifesting miracles is not rocket science

I gave you this example of a person who wanted to create five emergency clinics. She knew – in her mind there was no doubt that I could do it – that I could do it. she absolutely sure and that’s why I could help her. That’s why she gave away her million dollar house and everything for the Foundation. That’s why it takes so much faith. And now she said, two weeks ago, “It’s not a good idea.” And she listens to my teachings every night. Doesn’t watch TV. Goes and analyzes every word I say. She said, “At one point you said, you can change all my karma. Which you did, and I moved from $75 an hour to $100 an hour. Now I make $30, 000 to $40, 000 every month. Five clinics could get me $70,000 to $80, 000 a month. But I don’t want that. But I would want that $70, 000 with less work. I am not willing to compromise on the income, but I don’t want to die running five clinics. It’s impossible and it would take such a big toll on my health and psychology.” All this within one year, or one and a half years. Why don’t I do something on television? And I saw a demo. And she already manifested a pilot show.

The power of Faith

Faith. You have to have faith. And then you have to want some miracles. Really, really I want a miracle to happen. Every day you have to say, I want a miracle to happen. Then you will not subscribe so much to the logical mind. In both my incarnations as Manickavasagar and Swami Ramalingam, I did not want to die. I did not want to develop diseases and hang on to life till a ripe old age, and wait for death to strike me. In one of the poems that I was reading the other day, I went before the dancing Shiva’s statues and then I addressed him, “What’s your plan for me? I am getting old every day. Do you think that I should wait until I completely lose the vision in my eyes, lose my hearing, and have a stick, and then walk with three legs, instead of two legs? Is that your plan for me? Please, I am not ready for it. You got to do something.”

There’s a saying, “You have to age graciously. That was not acceptable for me. I do not want to age. There is no way of aging graciously. You can only age disgraciously. Unless the divine intervenes. He intervened. And his light went in and I began to change.”

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