Spiritual growth takes us away from the physical world of thought and things. Spiritual growth leads to internal autonomy beyond this physical life and connects to the conscience and the Lord, the unity of God.
 Many researchers consider the growth of our wisdom of thought is our spiritual growth. Others consider the technology many objects have spiritual world of growth. . Many others try to understand the logic of spiritual growth with his thoughts. Many others try to understand it by reading books or doing a doctorate in psychology. Purpose of all these are related to the senses and lead us in the physical world and are merely tools to perceive spiritual growth.
 Spiritual Growth is the enrichment of a personal belief through spiritual means, such as meditation, prayer, and self-consciousness. All that matters sacred or religion is a source of spiritual growth. All that is involved with a lot of desires and pleasure of our senses is a source of our physical growth.
Spiritual growth is concerned about what is invisible and intangible, as opposed to physical integrity. Spiritual growth and focus on the development of spiritual and inner life and have nothing to do with the bodily life and the wisdom of thought. Spiritual growth is a very personal journey. All human beings have a bath spiritual growth in subtle form of breathing in consciousness. Our pure consciousness is related to spiritual growth.

If you want to stop living a life of pain, depression, anger, fear or anxiety, the practice of spiritual growth is solution. If you want to stop living a life of hatred, war and cruelty, the invoking of spiritual growth by a meditation technique or any faith is solution.

Spiritual growth can not earn money and the sensual pleasures of luxury premises. But it will fill you with peace and happiness - which can be expressed in words. It will set you free from stress of physical life, anxiety and expectations placed on you by countless others. The spiritual growth earn you love, which leads to health, happiness and spirituality , in all situations of any way of life.

The spiritual growth sets you from evil, and many thoughts of attachment and selfishness. A person in the spiritual growth makes the Oneness of God. He realizes that all will be judged by their actions. A person in spiritual growth is a pious person. He is totally immersed in the purity of silence sings in the consciousness of karma

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