What is spiritual growth? What are the techniques for spiritual growth? What are the paths of spiritual growth? As many people are so understanding about it. Most of them are empty on spiritual growth. Others call their perception of the spiritual growth of the experience of spiritual growth.

Inner Self of all is full of spirituality. Spiritual growth is not something to be taken outside. It is already there. Spiritual growth is the meaning of art and feels the flowing of the thoughts of many subjects and objects of the world by invoking the conscience

To experience spiritual growth, we face many challenges on the path of the senses and thought processes. We must also cope with selfishness. These challengers are identical for all human life. To cope with our thoughts, techniques of faith may be different, but within the path to spiritual growth is the same for all types of life.

Outer human behavior of men and women may be different. Ritual of different denominations may be different. The dietary habits of different people can be different. These characteristics relate to your thought processes. The characters of spiritual growth are the same in all people and relate to your deep mind is beyond language and is expressed in the form of feelings and emotions. The depth of calm, peace, silence and stillness of mind depends on the transformation in the spirit of your spiritual growth in consciousness. In a state of deep silence, there are no thoughts, feelings or mental movements that can disturb the spiritual growth of the inner-being.

 Spiritual growth is a systematic process that must be learned and practiced over any other jurisdiction. But very few people understand the spiritual growth of its core systematic study and practice. . Many people try to achieve spiritual growth through hearing or imitation. Spiritual growth is the object of systematic practice and requires lots of practice with patience, dedication, acceptance and love and the transformation of the mind to feel.

Many people try to learn that spiritual growth; they learn the various objects and subjects in a university. But spiritual growth is formless and is not linked to an object in the world. It is linked to your selfishness, your conscience and your inner self. Spiritual growth is a subject of experience in the conscious feeling.
We are all subject to conflict and pain in the thoughts, for believing in different perceptions. We see things as real to perishable – - become attached to it and suffer pain in thoughts. We will continue to fight for the future happiness, but happiness is in the present. We continue to collect and to seek happiness in the actions and proposals, but the joy is in the silence and submission. Spiritual Growth gives us the consciousness of our false perception. It gives us our consciousness spiritual wisdom and the possibility for the release of the perception of conflict and pain in the thoughts

Although all the techniques of faith are finding the path inward to spiritual growth and realization, we fail to understand and practice basic beliefs. All religions speak of the value of human life in non-violence, humility and contentment, but for reasons of faith, we continue to fight, which is devoid of spiritual growth. Some people do not believe in spiritual growth for which their state of mind is not ripe. Spiritual growth is not yet a reality for them.
Although the final result of spiritual growth is really the negation of individual selfishness, we can draw from the spiritual wisdom through the mind of many subjects and objects of the world including his faith thoughts. The person on the right path believes different religions are tools for finding the path of spiritual growth is one for all.

There are two types of wisdom, the wisdom of the thought that you and your selfishness relate. The spiritual wisdom that relate to your inner self is spiritual growth. The wisdom of the mind can not help you know your true identity and what your soul has done. Similarly, the spiritual wisdom can not remember what they have in mind

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