…This is a dialogue between You and Me. You have come from Me and Me was there when You dispersed. In the process of this dialogue You became Me and transformation of Me happened with the existence of you. When You met Me there was silence and Me smiled watching You merging into Me.
You and Me became one and We manifested…

Reading this dialogue with mere curiosity to seek any answers or to read it like a novel or for any other reason that has lead your mind to take decision to read will never help you understand what is this all about.

The key lies in asking the following questions to your mind and discover. The curiosity leads to the question who is who? You is Me or Me is You? Who is You and who is Me? Where have You come from? Where have Me come from? What is the identity of You and what is the identity of Me? Why You and Me are having a dialogue? From where this dialogue begin? Who initiated this dialogue? Where You & Me wants to lead? Is You female or male? Is Me female or male?
Is author supposed to give all these answers? Or is your mind ready to uncover the answers by keeping it aside and listening to your soul? Every time a question arises mind seeks readymade answers and if the mind gets readymade answer it doesn’t accept as it is.

So answers are on its way for your mind only if it is going to be silent. You started the journey to discover the purpose of life and Me living the understanding unfolded by nature. You and Me have power to perform any given roles. Both You and Me possesses male and female energies just like Ying and Yang or call it positive and negative energies in electricity.

Mere entertainment, thoughtful insights, knowledge, solutions for your past-present-future problems, may be your expectation from this article nevertheless author can assure either confusion or wisdom.

Understanding You & Me
You and Me are energies manifested in forms of physical beings experiencing the dual effects of life. It may be said that whatever You and Me are experiencing it is the only choice You and Me have made. You and Me wanted to experience all these paths that lead towards kNOw destination. You and Me chose different paths yet reached at the kNOw destination. Their dialogue started from kNOw destination to bring an end to the mystery hanging before, between and after life.

Let us explore You. The physical being of You is born through mind. You passing through the passage of mind… The journey began with the process of evolution the very existence of You. The passage sometimes became so narrow, dark full of deadly fear and sometimes wide enough that even sky could squeeze within its boundaries and You moving on and on...

The passage was covered with the layers of worries, tensions, depressions, frustrations, egos, greed, jealousy, anger, hatred, fear, threats, selfish desires, with an illusion that these are the tools for survival, with an illusion that this is THE REALITY, with an illusion that this is indeed TRUTH. The ultimate TRUTH covered beneath these layers and... and there is no other TRUTH. You born as a slave and will be dying in slavery. You can just do one thing follow the rules, obey and be loyal to the One TRUTH.

The passage took You from its linear route towards the One TRUTH, one REALITY that life sucks and life is full of shocks. So just be part of the rat-race, fit into it and one day You will be the winner. There can only be One Winner in this game of life and death. One Winner... the one who play within the boundaries and listen to the mind, pay full attention towards the very elements of mind logics, reasons, rationales and skepticism. Moving on and on through this passage You shaped and molded into a THING - a THING which any one can buy or sell. Questioning the authority of mind is like committing a big sin; it is just like breaking the rules becoming disobedient to the ultimate TRUTH.

Forwarding of You with this passage was one of the objective realities. This is the only passage there is no other way out… This is the only passage there is no way out… These repeated norms are the powerful basis of the mind that is hanging You and the world without into Past and Future with the loads of guilt and illusive hopes of winning. The passage with its legitimacy stands with the authoritative attitude to control and shut down the doors of Freedom.

Look at this world without full of institutions such as jails, hospitals, schools, military to control people, to treat people, to mold people, to train people into an obedient civilians/robots who can follow the linear, readymade path that lead towards “Development and Progress” - Unjust, Unhealthy, Unsustainable and inhumane existence.
You listening to THEM who revealed that the passage is worth exploring coz it gives security and it has insurance. At times You never listen to them and that very moment the advocates of this passage order too.

You try to challenge them asking Who are THEY and Why THEY want to play this finite game full of violence and exploitation/control. Asking the authorities lead You towards a new insight. With You more interesting thing happened that You found You in the middle of this game like a dice controlled and rolled by OTHERS.

Now for You the important thing is that You have discovered as one of the instrument to excel the game and empower the passage. Worth to know here that You discovered the knowing of slavery due to listening not mind but heart and soul – the cosmic sensitivity which always is telling the stories of possibilities infinite and eternal. The passage still exists for those who are in process of fixing things. The passage still exists for those who are in process of becoming.

To understand Me there is a need to access the right side of the brain which is connected to the heart. Unschooled Me lives radically challenging societal norms, behaviours, beliefs and thinking patterns. Me sees life with the eyes of possibilities.

Me at times says as if Left brain is talking to Right brain there’s an explosion of a dialogue. Some questions and some answers and sometimes there’s silence.

Manifesting wordless dances like a wave of beautiful breeze comes from a direction unknown to beings. Words are spreading like rays of sun while silence is spreading all over through its wings. What is all these? Why is it? It’s just like this and it will be like this…

Curiosity: Who are You?

Knowledge: You are part of Me if I say so does that make you understand?

Curiosity: I am only part of You? So when I will be whole and if I will be whole then who will I be?

Knowledge: Question is just a little ladder that may reach towards Me but if before question there is invocation of a prayer then You don’t require ladder any more.

Curiosity: Prayer? Prayer for what?

Knowledge is in silence at this time. There is no word. There is no sound, only silence is existing.

Curiosity: Is my question wrong?

Knowledge: Question is only ladder but the direction of the ladder can be wrong.

Curiosity: I am feeling something unusual – I am losing my words – something is happening…

Knowledge is witnessing. Witnessing the transforming Curiosity. Curiosity changed into many layers. Anger, impatience, ego, ignorance, depression, arrogance…
Knowledge is silent and healthy. Curiosity is just beside Knowledge. Yet Curiosity!!!

This is Me… full of colors of wisdom. Exploring and welcoming the unknown courageously with graceful smile. It's not about falling in Love but being in Love forever.
Merging into unknown and melting with the essence of unknown. Life is a process of happening, a process of being and beyond mind there is infinite sky of possibilities that Me can see. The possibilities of being in love forever, the possibilities to connect with Gentle Souls gracefully.
This cannot be the end neither the beginning nevertheless it’s the end of the beginning where You and Me are together…

Dialogue between You & Me

Me initiated the dialogue by watching You with a graceful smile on face.

Me: Let us stop existing and start living.
As a curious child You popped out with a question starring Me with skeptical eyes.

You: But what does it mean by stop existing and start living?

Smiling with grace Me took deep breath and looking at sky.

Me: To live is to create
Me: To live is to relate
Me: To live is to love
Me: To live is to be

You: What should we create and why should we relate?
You: How should we love and where should we be?
You: What is to be created?

Me: Beings have created houses, dams, roads, schools, hospitals, jails, empires, banks, businesses, jobs, religions, races, castes, customs, rituals, cultures, languages, equipments, games, music, arts, crafts, literatures, libraries, gadgets, vehicles and what not…

You: So what is to be created?
You: What is left now to create?

Me: Yet to live is to create…
Me: Nevertheless beings have not created a peaceful world, a loving family, a healthy life, creative living… In the process of existence beings have created the world without with passion and aggression and ignored the world within.

You: Is it a right time to listen to the world within?
You: What is there in the world within?

Me: Time cannot be right or wrong. World within is beyond time. It is a world of abundance love, peace, possibilities…

You: So why we have avoided listening to the world within?
You: What is the logic behind all these development and successful beings around the world, they are successful having great wealth and providing opportunities to millions of other beings to work and support their families?

Me: Logic is circular… every time we seek logic or rational it will find some or the other thing from its circular pattern… It will reach to same end again and again with different rationale. This is the root cause of why beings have avoided listing to the world within. Our world within is hidden beneath the layers of logics full of doubts, fears, anger, aggressions, jealousy, hatred, competition, selfish desires, greed, war, killing, manipulating, exploiting, negative thinking, illness, disease, over confidence or no confidence, complexions, pessimism, cowardness …
Me: Beings live not with need but with greed in the name of want… it is indeed the process of becoming something and that’s what is called existing and not living… the war between process of becoming and process of being.

You: What is the difference between the process of becoming and being?

Me: Very simple same as the difference between falling in love and being in love forever…

You: So what is to be done now?

Me: Listen!

You: But how? Should another school is to be created?

Me: Well creating another school will be same as creating another wall… all in all it’s just another brick in the wall…

You: So what to do?
You: How should this shift can happen from existing to living?
You: What is the purpose of life?

Me: In fact beings are only existing and not living, just as other animal life, plant life, stone life is existing on this planet… Only few lived and they can be counted on finger tips…
Me: They all talked about world within, they also showed various paths that lead towards world within and the wretchedness of being endeavor is that being have believed those paths as an end rather than means. Beings have constructed a wall of rituals on those paths and declared it as THE ONLY END…
Me: Beings shouted from various directions “Ram is THE ONLY GOD” “Allah is THE ONLY GOD” “Jesus is THE ONLY GOD” and the war is not ending…
Me: If this is the world for only existence then Darwin’s law of the survival of the fittest is 100% percent TRUE… The question is there a need to exist only? Coz existence requires this law. One has to fit into this world and to fit means to fight. And to fight is to shut down the world within which has a unique way of living for everyone… Are beings competing with animals? Animals may require this Darwin’s law of the survival of fittest do beings need this law? If yes then beings must lead animal life? Beings have already declared themselves as SOCIAL ANIMAL…

You: So… What is required? Existence or Living?

Me: Those who have decided to exist will be using Darwin’s law of the survival of the fittest and they will be in favor of war, competition…
Me: Those who have decided to live they will be using law of the world within “to live is to relate”…
Me: Every being is related to each other… All belong to each other.
Me: You is breathing the same air which Me is now inhaling and exhaling…
Me: All are related.
Me: When beings will start relating there will be end to contest.
Me: When there well be end to contest the process of becoming will stop.
Me: When process of becoming stop’s process of being starts…
Me: This ignition is required.

You: The question is can beings start relating? Is it possible to relate oneself with others and why?

Me with great patience leading the dialogue towards the direction that leads towards wisdom. On one hand there is this bombardment of questions from You and on the other side Me is transforming questions into thoughtful insights. This is the point where Me is now adopting the role of sarcastic being and reflecting towards You.

Me: Let us cut down all the trees. There let be no tree on this planet and beings will get the answer to this question. Let there be the creation of create concrete jungles everywhere… There should not be any plant life on this planet. Beings must wipe out entire plant life and then see…
Me: Now don’t say that without trees there won’t be any oxygen on this planet. Well beings can create oxygen without trees as beings have created machines so there is nothing impossible… Why do beings need plant life to be on this planet? What is their need? They are consuming lot of space on this planet.
Me: The real estate people will have lot of space then to sell to other beings and this may decrease prices of land so that many who cannot afford can at least afford to buy a piece of land for them to stay. It’s a powerful logic of having lot of space. In fact beings should also do something that will bury all the water from this planet… beings doesn’t need oceans on this planet. Let beings wipe out oceans. Beings will have abundance of land then. Oceans are covering more than 70% of the land on this planet. You know that oceans bring Tsunami’s too, so they are destructive let beings wipe oceans from this planet.
Me: Beings must find some other source of living. There is no need of water. Beings can live on pills and what this doctor’s are for? They will take care of all the disease which will be created after wiping out the plant life and oceans from this planet. Doctor’s are the saviors’. Beings must create more hospitals and medicinal colleges and pharmaceuticals companies. It will also eradicate lot of unemployment.
Me: For beauty beings have all these plastic trees and plants and artificial fragrance can be easily added to it. What else is required?
Me: Military will be required. Coz then the same issue of land owners will be there. Beings have created borders You know that. By the way beings need to wipe out Himalaya and all such places that play a major role in the production of water. So beings will require lot of people in military and for such huge work of destroying mountains. Unemployment will cease soon.
Me: For that beings will require lot of military schools and lot of companies producing guns, bombs and missiles etc.
Me: Wow beings are becoming industrious. Population, Unemployment, Poverty issues will be over when beings will adapt and adopt existing rather than living…

You: Do beings still need to think other way round? Existing or living?

Me: It is mentioned before that logic is circular and it will be the same old story of who is first - egg or chicken!?

You: So… Existing or living?

Me: It is your personal life, your individual life. Neither your parents nor you have created your life as a being. It was and it is created by some higher power – Me doesn’t know what that power is. You may name it as Ram, Allah, Jesus… Neither You nor Me have control over its end.
Me: The open truth is that all are part of this existence. Now it is up to You whether You want to exist or live.
Me: Logic supports the idea “only to exist” and that is the other cause of why the world within is hidden.
You educated from various schools, colleges and universities and hence You have questions that are covered into frames of limited thought pattern that has been instilled in the name of education.

You: Is there a step by step guide or manual which teaches about how to live? Is there any guru who can teach us how to live rather than exist? Is there any degree course or a certificate that will train us to live rather than exist? Any school or college or university or institute is there which has such facilities to help beings learn how to live rather than exist?

Me: Shortcut… mind always is trying to find such shortcuts and ready-made solutions… Because the world without is readymade. Everything including food, cloths, shelter is readymade and instant for beings. Beings don’t have to work for it.
Me: There cannot be any teacher or guru or school or college or university or institute who can teach You & Me how to live rather than exist. And if it is there then again as it is mentioned before that logic is circular…
Me: Moving beyond such viscous circular logic will help You to discover the “How” part.
Me: And if You decide “What” then “How” will automatically appear infront of You.
Me: You have decided to exist and the how is automatically shown to You. Every law of existence is shown to you…
survival of the fittest, might is right, tit for tat etc. And You are existing since ages… the forefather existed and their forefathers existed… Logic is circular… its going on and on… You have gone to school and your father has gone to school and your kids will go to school and so on… Logic is circular…

You: Questioning the authority of existence requires courage and great will power. But how can that happen?

Me: Coz the world without is full of fear and coward behaviours.

You: Beings require security? So there is a need to operate from fear only.

Me: What is security? Can anyone be really secured? What is the security of your breath? At this moment You are breathing but is there any security or guarantee that this breath will continue forever?

You: This is more philosophical not practical.

Me: Everything that mind doesn’t understand the mind has tendency to label is as philosophical. If your mind doesn’t understand it then You just label it as philosophical or what not.

You: But where is the time to think about all these things?

Me: How the time is managed if beings want to watch television or visit friend or eat something that our tongue is craving?

You: Beings need some entertainment and rest and for that beings have to have some time.

Me: That’s what is repeatedly said to You that all need some break and listen to the inner world. And once You start doing this then You can see the end of the process of existing.

You: There are so many problems in day to day living how can beings handle all such problems?

Me: Who has created these problems?
You: Well circumstances what else!
Me: Who created circumstances?

You: Do you mean that individual being is responsible for creating such circumstances?

Me: Amazing atleast something is now going in your head.
You: This is crazy. How it possible is that individual being is responsible for creating such circumstances?
Me: Thank you for the complement! Atleast You have known that craziness is the way out to find the key towards solutions and see You are still with Me this crazy one listening and questioning coz You really want to know how to live rather than exist. Correct?

You: Well, every individual being is interested in living a better life. And if You have the
answer then one can bear any craziness.

Me: Why are You interested in living a better life?

You: Coz everyone is also interested.

Me: Who is everyone?

You: All beings are interested in living better. Don’t you think so?

Me: No, coz while travelling Me have met so many beings who were not happy as they are and yet when Me asked for change they rejected change. They were afraid to change. They believe that change is leading towards insecurity. And atleast whatever they are doing right now is a secured path. Me met hundreds of job oriented beings and they said that they have a fixed monthly income and they don’t want to lose it. How can You say that everyone is interested? And why are You bothered what everyone else is interested in? Why can’t you be interested in what you want to do?

You: Everyone is looking for living better life with security ofcourse.

Me: You remind me the nursery poem – wheels of the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round… why can’t You come out of the thought of security?

You: Afraid to do that.

Me: What will happen at the most?

You: Will lose everything.

Me: So what?

You: Then how can one survive?

Me: Breath…

You: Well this is serious.

Me: That’s one of the biggest problems!

You: Meaning?

Me: Go and read Upanishads and Vedas and also all the motivational speakers and everyone will say one thing…

You: What?

Me: Life is to expand happiness, life is supposed to be fun, life is to feel the joy; life is to live with bliss…

You: Do one have to believe that?

Me: So what do You believe?

You: Life is a struggle and is a big competition.

Me: To those who are just existing. It was mentioned before that survival of the fittest, is for those who follow the Darwin’s law of nature for existence. But those who are living there is no competition. Its collaboration and end of struggle… It’s a flow…

You: Can You get straight answer, is there a way to shift from existing to living?

Me: Life cannot be straight yet there are some paths that straight away lead towards living.

You: What are those paths and if they are paths meaning so many paths then how can one travel along all these paths and what is the guarantee that these paths will lead towards living?

Me: How many paths have You travelled during all these years of your life?

You: Only one and is it possible to travel on many paths?

Me: Which was that path?

You: The one where everyone is travelling.

Me: Which is that one?

You: Now this is very difficult for to explain which is this path but everyone is here on this path. They say it leads to success.

Me: Do you believe in them?

You: Ofcourse yes, there are many role models so many successful beings out there who have walked on this path.

Me: Like?

You: All those who are having secured government job earning fixed income every month. And have life insurance and have created a permanent home. Fully settled in life and after retirement they will have pension too.

Me: They are existing and you want to go on the path of living.

You: But can one have both like security and also living.

Me: Can you breathe and swallow food simultaneously? Can you breathe and speak simultaneously?

You got confused and started trying to check the breath. This was shocking to You that while talking the breathing process stops. This was the first experience that lead You towards moving beyond mind.

You: No.

Me: I hope You must have understood now.

You: So shall one stop following everyone?

Me: What is your heart saying?

You: Don’t know but my mind is confused.

Me: Listen to your heart. Mind is dualistic in nature. It will show You two possibilities all the time. One will lead towards security and other will lead towards insecurity (according to the limited perception about insecurity).

You: Why are You making this so complex?

Me: Again it’s your mind that is perceiving this as complex.

You: My mind? How come?

Me: Me never said its complex. Me never used the word complex.

You: But what is all this… Me is challenging all the beliefs that is there since ages and that means Me is challenging the beliefs that have been there since ages in this society.

Me: So what? Can You focus on what do You want? Why do You care for society?

You: Everyone is part of society and as a responsible citizen one has to care.

Me: What is the meaning of responsible citizen?

You: The one who follows the rules of society.

Me: What kind of rules?

You: That You must vote and You should keep law and order etc.

Me: So are You following all these rules?

You: Ofcourse with great pride!

Me: That means You are very happy then why do You want to walk on the path of living? Just exist the way all are existing.

You calming down. As if Tsunamis have flood the mind with the blocks of questions and doubts and You still is puzzled.

You: Feeling something is missing in this whole process of following society blindly.

Me: What is that something?

You: There is a feeling of cutting off from something which is difficult to figure out.

Me: Do You feel that You have cut off from your roots?

You: Yes something like that. Can You & Me talk more about living?

Me: It’s not possible.

You: Why?

Me: If You want to shift from existing to living then it has to be lived and not talked.

You: But that’s what is to be known.

Me: It is more difficult to know.

You: Why?

Me: You know many things and You have known many things since ages from your parents, teachers, friends, media, relatives, society… So You know more than Me.

You: But without knowing how can one move on the path of living?

Me: Do You know that You are breathing?

You: Ofcourse!

Me: Do You know that You are breathing for 24 hours?

You: Ofcourse!

Me: So even during your sleep You know that You are breathing?

You: How can one know while sleeping?

Me: How can one know while one is asleep? That’s the point. If You are in the state of knowing you cannot be in the state of living…

You: So what to do now? For all these years one has been schooled and has been taught that knowing is the only way to get what You want.

Me: You have questioned Me so many times and You have never questioned your educational system and authorities that why knowing is the only way to get what You want? Why there can’t be any other way? What is the guarantee that knowing will helping in getting everything?

You: One cannot challenge or question authorities it is bad manners.

Me: So exist… there is no need for living.

You: But…

Me: If You think and believe that You have freedom of speech and You have rights to speak then there is nothing like good or bad manners. If You have this freedom and right to speak then You must use it and by using your personal right to speak cannot be bad manners. Also by asking questions in gentle way cannot be bad manners at all.

You: No one has done this before.

Me: How do you know that?

You: Not seen anyone asking in such a way.

Me: If You have not seen does it mean that no one else has done such thing before? Have you seen electricity in 1601?

You: How can one see one was not born!

Me: So does that mean electricity was not there?

You in silence watching Me. Mind of You in the state of stillness. Something new has happened to You. This dialogue is now taking a shape of revelations from the inner world. A world that tells the stories of possibilities…

Me: Let me repeat logic is circular in nature.

You: Felt this silence for the first time.

Me: Silence comes when you are in listening mode. And you know that the words LISTEN and SILENT are made from same letters. Listening only happens when one is in pure silence.

You: Understood that existence is a static process.

Me: Living is dynamic…

You: Existence is singular pattern.

Me: Living is multi layered.

You: Existence is fear based.

Me: Love is the root of living.

You: Existence had dualism.

Me: Living is holistic.

You: Learning, unlearning and relearning is the natural flow of living. Learning the new, unlearning the old and relearning the wisdom…

Silence prevailed between you and me. The nebulic We bloomed with the merging of you and me.

We: The beauty of life is in living every moment. The essence of living is bliss. There is no need of such labels like You & Me now. With these labels You and Me would have never understood the echoes of eternity with any kind of possession.

Only unconditional love can liberate You and Me. So let’s just be as We…

Author's Bio: 

Manavji Sahaj is a life healer. He has travelled all over India and has worked with lakhs of children and youth. He has dedicated his life to help people for self learning and self healing. He is associated with Sri Rupaji Anant Charitable Trust (Mumbai), Sri M. N. Shukla B.Ed College of Education (Ahmedabad), SGA Education Institute (Ahmedabad), Suyam Charitable Trust (Chennai).