This is my invitation to you to join me on my Spiritual Expedition to Summit the “Peak of Peace”. I have chosen this as my “Mission Possible” to bring conscious awareness to Global Peace on the Planet through my conscious evolutionary movement called “Humanity With Heart”. My mission statement is:

“It is My Desire to Inspire Everyone Who Comes Across My Path To Help Change Our World into one of Unconditional Love and Universal Peace Through Respect, Caring, Compassion, Consideration and Kindness”

Invitation Details:
To: You and Whoever You Wish to Invite
Date: Today
Time: Present Moment
Place: Wherever You Are
Investment: Commitment to Ascending the
Summit of the “Peak of Peace”
R.S.V.P. Reaching the Summit Virtually is Possible

The following is a suggested “Spiritual Guide” to assist in the preparation of this spiritual expedition:

“P” – Passion – For the commencement of any spiritual expedition, it is essential that Passion is one of the primary tools used to “Fuel the Desire that Lights the Fire within the Soul”. The vision becomes realized when there is a light that keeps the dream alive.

“E” – Enlightenment – When the knowledge that is housed in the soul is transmitted through conscious thought to the spirit, accepting that all things are Spirit-driven, Enlightenment brings understanding that the journey unfolds in the right time, in exactly the right way.

“A” – Acceptance – Acceptance is the foundation that sets this spiritual expedition to summit the “Peak of Peace” in motion by accepting that Peace is necessary for a “Global Warming of the Heart” and a conscious choice has been made to participate in this pursuit.

“K” – Kindred Spirits – Remembering that, as Kindred Spirits, the connection between each soul is a conduit for the benefit of Peace to be borne by everyone from this spiritual expedition.

“O” – Others Conscious – As part of this spiritual expedition to summit the “Peak of Peace”, being conscious of others is imperative, as this helps to prioritize where the ropes of encouragement, guidance and support are used to assist with internal and external empowerment and motivation to those not already on this journey.

“F” – Freedom – There is nothing compared to the feeling of Freedom when trail blazing through unchartered territory. Imagine being one of the solo pioneers on the planet discovering a new way of being to live in harmony with another and have Peace as the commodity to use as the “trading” currency. Peace can truly be a “whole”istic way of living in a global community.

“P” – Power – Power can have many connotations. The one that is paramount to unifying the world through summiting the “Peak of Peace” is the power that flows through everyone and everything. This planet exists because of the continuum of the flow of this unlimited power and many names have been given to this power. I choose to call it “spiritual” power coming directly from Spirit, moving in and through each person, who has been given the choice to tap into this power at any moment.

“E” – Equality – Disapproval creates dissention. Approval manifests ascension. As part of Humanity With Heart’s global mission to creating World Peace, the undisputed belief that we are all created equal and come from the same source is at the base of this spiritual expedition to summit the “Peak of Peace”. As soon as there is a “separation” consciousness between each other, this magnifies into negative thinking and produces negative behavior. As the belief of Oneness and Peace is channeled throughout the world, universal positive energy will create equality and harmony within diversity.

“A” – AttitudeAttitude is everything or just about everything! When a positive stance is taken and a faith in the “I Am Able. I Will Do It” unshakeable, All Things are Probable! Allowing positive statements to become part of the daily ritual while on the spiritual expedition to summit the “Peak of Peace” reinforces the areas of consciousness that become impaired in the “critical zone”. Holding on tightly to the concept that “Nothing or No One Outside of Me Will Stop Me” is empowering and creates momentum for greater progress.

“C” – Clarity of Intention – Clarity of Intention is extremely valuable as it defines the intention being set to achieve this spiritual expedition. In the “peaks and valleys” of this summit to the “Peak of Peace”, Clarity of Intention reinforces the commitment to continue at all cost, allowing for no obstacles to sabotage the objective.

“E” – Encouragement – Arm in arm, as the steps are climbed on this spiritual expedition to summit the “Peak of Peace”, words of Encouragement can be heard far and wide in the valleys throughout the globe. The friendship that exists between former enemies is a vision to behold. Walls have been torn down, hearts have opened wide, eyes are bright with compassion, voices are soft and gentle with kindness, offers of help and support are extended to each other and we now all see each other as sister and brother.

If we take a moment to look inside our heart and really feel passionate about truly wanting Peace on the Planet, I request the pleasure of your company at Humanity With Heart to join me on my Spiritual Expedition to Summit the “Peak of Peace”.

From My Heart to Yours
Angel Blessings
Brenda Rachel, Humanity With Heart

Author's Bio: 

I’ve had 4 disabilities and 5 near death situations in my lifetime (one was a conscious suicide attempt where Divine Intervention saved me and I didn't die on May 20, 1996). Through each of these disability periods the angels began channeling their words to me, which became a music EP "In this Moment" on Amazon and free on my website, then through channeled quotes, becoming a published book "In This Moment Angels' Sweet Reflections". My inspirational and spiritual website Humanity With Heart at was borne and my inspirational and spiritual YouTube Music Channel, Humanity With Heart at was created as part of my spiritual healing journey. At my lowest point in each of my disabilities, I would ask God and the Angels "Why am I in such excruciating pain, what do you want me to learn from this experience and how can I serve you?" The songs, book, website and music channel were all gifts the angels gave me to help me cope with my agonizing pain. I thank the Angels every day for allowing me to be their "Messenger of Hope" and to share their message to "Never Give Up, Never Lose Hope, No Matter What!"

Brenda Rachel Teichroeb, Published Author, Angel Healing Practitioner, Songwriter/Composer