Spiritual Direction is a type of therapy that has been around since the beginning of time. In our age of science it is not too popular or well known among non-clergy members, but is well known by most clergy. The difference between spiritual direction and psychotherapy is that spiritual direction draws on one's own belief system to help one not only cope with the struggles of life, but overcome them. It is empowering to the client and self empowering, considering that the client always has religious scripture, sacred texts, a connection with the universe, prayer, and or God available to for support and insight.

In the past spiritual direction was usually just provided for clergy, now anyone can partake in spiritual direction, especially since there are more interfaith spiritual directors who can lead you into a great understanding of the core mystical path of all religions. This may sound new to you. Most of us don't even realize that the core of most of the religions we are familiar with is mystical. Much of the mysticism was divorced from many of our religions during the time of enlightenment, the reformation and after, when science began to become a more powerful force and influenced our views of the world. Mysticism became something that it was very ignorant or immature to believe in, in the west because it had the power to awaken individuals and connect them with God. Mysticism moved to various denominations at the edge of society that were very liberal, and remained in the very fundamentalist religions. Now, however, it is becoming more mainstream. What needs to happen is that the general public needs to learn how powerful spiritual direction is, since it is a modality that draws on the health of the individual and higher intentions rather than trying to suppress that which is dysfunctional or even considered a disease in many psychological circles.

Spiritual direction works. It helps you reclaim your own belief system about the workings of the universe and nature, it awakens you mentally, physically and spiritually, and it gives you the power to tap into the life giving creativity, i.e., spirit at the core of the universe so that you may recreate your true, expanded, divine Self each day. You can experience this world as the Kingdom of Heaven, or the Rule of Love, through the awakening that comes from spiritual direction. What does it take to find a spiritual director. There are many professional spiritual directors, of course. But the main thing that it takes to be a good spiritual director is having a true relationship with God, or whatever you may call your higher power, and not being a nut (I'm sure you know what I mean). When one has that relationship one passes on the teachings from their interaction with God. The interaction between you and the spiritual director is shaped not only by you and the words you speak, but by magic and the workings of the spirit.

If you are having difficulties that are not being dealt with well through traditional psychotherapy and or can't afford to pay for it, or you would like to go deeper in your faith or reach higher, I would suggest you see a spiritual director. If you are unchurched or not overtly connected to any one faith—working out your own understanding of the world, I would suggest you find an interfaith spiritual director. Why not start the new year in a better way—by laying down the life that is full of falsity, suffering, and deception, and picking up a life of joy, contentment, and remembering your divine self so you can begin to celebrate life, right here on this earth now. For the Kingdom of Heaven will not come from the clouds the Kingdom of Heaven is in the midst of you. It is inside of you and in this world of experiences right now.

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John Gilmore, D. Min. (Om Prakash) Is a Massage Therapist, Body-Worker, and Spiritual Director. Om Prakash was a Pentecostal Minister for several years and is now a retired Unitarian Universalist Minister. Om Prakash received his D. Min. degree in Integrating Work and Spirituality from the University of Creation Spirituality, a school found by Dr., Rev., Matthew Fox based on the Wisdom Tradition. Creation Spirituality, the mystical branch of Christianity, pulls together the teachings of science, arts, and religion emphasizing the original blessing of humanity and creation. To find more articles like this one and/or to learn how to partake of some of our specialized spiritual direction programs based on Eastern and Western religious traditions, please visit our website www.dswellness.com where you will find a free Practical Spirituality Journal and a link to John Gilmore's Healing Hands where you can find lectures, books, and links on spiritual growth.