What is Spiritual Debt? It is a debt one must pay back to the Holy Spirit, the Universe, God - as a result of one's own actions. It does not matter how many lifetimes it may take. You will pay back your entire Spiritual Debt before you permanently close your eyes on earth. No one gets out of paying off their Spiritual Debt. It is Divine Law. How does one pay back a Spiritual Debt? When life is not flowing smoothly for you and things are not falling into place in your life as you think they should, you must ask yourselves, "What actions have I put out into the world that has caused these reactions in my life?" One of the most important of the Divine Laws is called the, "Reaping and Sowing Law." The Scriptures tells you, "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." Divine Laws are in place for the governance of man. Man is his/her own universe and each universe must balance at the end of each day. Whatever actions you put out into the world, comes directly back to you - TENFOLD. You cannot and will not ever in all of your lifetimes be able to avoid the Law of Reaping and Sowing. It is a law of balance. If you are one whom continuously put out negativity into the world in any form, I assure you that you currently have a pile of Spiritual Debt which you are paying off right now in your life.

Most people do not want to believe that it is by their own actions that their lives are in misfortunate shape. You are solely responsible for the current events from which you may be suffering in your life. The misfortune in one's life is caused by one's own actions. You can always think a thought in your mind and not act on that thought. You put the wheels into motion when you actually take action on your thoughts. "God knows my heart," is a phrase uttered by many people; but the reason you suffer is exactly because "God knows your heart," and your heart is not in a place of righteousness. God judges the heart. The reason so many people suffer is because of the their own individual truth which lives in their individual hearts. You cannot hide how you truly feel about anyone or anything from God, because your feelings originate in your heart. The Most High sees and knows all. You cause your own suffering. Change your heart, then will your life change.

Spiritual Debt will be paid back in many forms, playing itself out in your daily lives. The more you resist the discomfort which will occur as the result of your actions, the more you prolong the experience. You will continue to have life experiences similar to the Spiritual Debt that you owe, until your entire Spiritual Debt is paid in full. No one escapes paying Spiritual Debt. It does not matter your race, your nationality, or your economic background. You cannot buy your way out of Spiritual Debt. You cannot pray your way out of Spiritual Debt. No one is superior over or exempt from Spiritual Debt. What you put out, you get back. What goes around, comes around. What you sow, you reap. Knowing this, shouldn't you all be striving to live righteously?

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Dr. Monica M. Burns, PhD Is A Spiritual Counselor.