A quiz just in time for HalloweenToday's quiz is meant to test your awareness about different types of astral-level STUFF that are effectively removed through the skill set I call "Spritual Cleansing and Protection."

Although my annual workshop for Spritual Cleansing and Protection for 2010 is complete, this important skill set can still be:

*Learned through phone sessions of Personal Mentoring (the usual 55-minute personal sessions, by appointment)
*Facilitated for you, one phone session at a time.

As one course participant, "Gladys," noted after the Spritual Cleansing and Protection workshop, "It is not scary or horrible to work with astral entities, and it is much easier to clear them out than I would have thought." While Terri was surprised to discover "How much we are affected by uninvited astral entities."

Thus, what you don't know on this topic may not physically hurt you but it sure can diminish your quality of life. In plenty of time for Halloween, here come our...

**Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Definitions


Okay, not flashy. But before the quiz, let's do some defininig. Why should I assume that you know the meaning of these different types of astral-level debris? Most New Agers don't. Most people don't.

To a healer, the astral-level problems defined below become really obvious when you have Stage 3 Energetic Literacy (full skills at aura reading) PLUS you know what to look for.

While the problems become obvious to the sufferer when... aha, that's partly what our Quiz will be about.

First the foundation, then the haunted house, right? (And then the rehab of that house so it becomes comfy to live in....)

** Psychic Coercion
Globs and blobs of this type of astral-level STUFF happen when you have subconsciously been influenced by people who try to "should" you:

Spend time and money on....
Believe ....
Have .... children. Don't wait. You should do this now, becauase you're not getting any younger.
And this is how you should raise them...
Senders of psychic coercion could be family members, friends, people from work, people you have never even met, people who have decided to "pray for you."

But you can completely clean up this very common type of debris, which many of my clients have had by the truckload (literally) before the whole mess was cleaned up. Even one session of healing is enough to help my clients learn how to stop being a receiver of psychic coercion.

**Extra-Terrestrial Entities

For everyone you know who is a Trekkie or UFO follower or paranormal enthusiast, guess what? There are dozens of beings from other worlds who are "Earthies." They come here to visit, marvelling at how we evolve here. Unfortunately, many of these sightseers get sucked into the heavy vibrations of our magnificent Earth School.

What's a stuck E.T. Entity to do? Hang around, unintentionally causing distress on the level of auras. Spaciness, lack of connection to others, ineffectiveness, deep depression, chronic frustration -- these are some of the consequences for a human like you.

**Negative Thought Forms

Not to make you squirm or anything, but Negative Thought Forms are accumulated energies that can become part of everything you buy, the loveliest antiques, even the bristles on your toothbrush. They can become part of you, too, affecting you on the level of aura and subconscious mind.

Negative thought forms limit what you do, how you think, your self-talk, etc. Here are some examples:

"I am stupid."
"I am not sexy enough."
"I don't have enough money."
"I don't know [the truth, nor do I trust my intuitive hunches]."

Really, the purpose of using affirmations is to overcome the impact of Negative Thought Forms. But you could spend years, literally, affirming away. And still you would not receive as much improvement as doing one dedicated, effective healing of Negative Thought Forms.

**Astral Entities (Ghosts)

It is no rare or scary thing to have astral entities stuck in your aura or office or home. Actually, it is quite common.

The effect is to magnify negative emotions like fear, anger, and sadness. So negative emotions that limit you may not, exactly, be your own.

Entities also unintentionally contribute to confusion, being accident prone, and decreasing a person's popularity/likability.

Although exorcisms are helpful for some of my clients, that is a different problem entirely. Just as an idea of how common the two problems are, needing to heal a lot of astral entities versus needing an exorcism, here are some very approximately statistics from the healings I facilitated last year.

*Number of client hours: 1008
*Number of astral entities healed on behalf of clients: 25,000
*Number of exorcisms facilitated during personal sessions with clients: 31

Okay, you're ready for our quiz, so let's get started. Feel free to comment below with questions and reactions to this quiz. Our next post will include what matters to you along with the official 10 answers.

**Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Quiz

Answer TRUE or FALSE

1. Just ask Archangel Michael to take away any astral-level garbage. He'll do it instantly, no fuss, no muss.
2. Doing "boundary work" will keep me free of psychic coercion.
3. If I have had training at channeling or mediumship, I am a master of the astral domain and will automatically be protected from every kind of astral debris.
4. Astral-level STUFF can affect of my home and office, not just my own aura.
5. Smoking marijuana has zero effect on a person's aura, once you come down off the high.
6. If I don't know, or care, about astral entities -- they won't be attracted to me.
7. If I feel tired or drained due to being with other people, the only possible cause is being an unskilled empath.
8. Regarding my negative patterns, all I need do is become aware of them consciously. After I figure out where they came from, these old patterns will automatically be healed and never bother me again.
9. Using energy healing techniques like Reiki or E.F.T., I will be cleared of astral-level problems.
10. I can become spiritually Enlightened without ever thinking about, or healing, forms of astral-level debris like psychic coercion.

For answers, see www.rose-rosetree.com/blog

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