Most spiritual leaders agree that true success entails, an “inner pursuit.” That is, to grow spiritually, you find God within. That many answers in life can be found inside yourself. That heaven is in your soul and all you need to do is - go within yourself. But for some unknown reason, what is essentially a simple concept or suggestion, is extremely difficult to do.

Is there a way to short-cut the challenging path, to overcome our own idiosyncrasies and reach this intangible goal without delay? The answer may be found with the Neuro Emotional Technique (N.E.T.). Although everyone has to overcome self, N.E.T. makes spiritual success much easier.

What are the ingredients for the spiritual journey?


N.E.T. is being used to get rid of fears, uncertainty and self doubts people have. Generally, people get in their own way, and are often their worst enemy. People often get restless with being still, avoid silence, feel uncomfortable praying and think meditation is foreign. With N.E.T., people are OKAY sitting still for a long time and are OKAY with prayer and having patience for God to respond.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra is inspiring and helps people to focus their mind on the inner quest. A contemporary “To Do” list for spirituality. But from my experience, most people can’t simply - just do it! N.E.T. is a facilitator for spiritual advancement. It helps the person to get out of their own way, to be effective, regardless of approach or religion.

I have treated patients with PTSD who wanted to be happy and enjoy life, but just could not. With a holistic approach, a bad memory was neutralized and the ability to live & love without interference, was gone. I've treated athletes who were 'stuck' in performance. With N.E.T., these athletes were able to move on to the next level and became world champions. I have helped writer’s with writers block to burst through in creativity.

N.E.T. has helped me resolve many issues, including personal issues. For years, I thought the occasional misunderstandings with my spouse was her doing. Now I realize, it's both. Now I look at what I did to cause a misunderstanding. N.E.T. strengthens the ability to love. Isn’t love and forgiveness the highest form of spirituality? From my clinical experience, it is unresolved childhood feelings and traumas that ruin adult relationships. And often prevents people from reaching their dreams.

Many of our motives may be due to the subconscious influence. Which is amazing! Who's in control? The conscious or the subconscious? Many actions we perform are prompted by impulses that are outside of our awareness.

N.E.T. Works Fast

By having a patient hold one arm straight out and make a statement such as "I am spiritual," it can be determined if the mind and body are in alignment.

Using this clinical procedure to confirm mind and body congruency, N.E.T. has help patients get past the emotional issues that were getting "stuck" in the unconscious for years. God wants us to be happy and prosperous. We’re all God’s children. If you find God, that omnipresence, inside you -- you win.

Is your spiritual life moving forward? Are you realizing your inner potential? Let's resolve inner barriers and move on. In a few sessions, it is possible to take a huge leap in your spiritual life, by releasing a subconscious block. Nelson Mandela said, that our greatest fear is not in losing, but in succeeding and experiencing our Power.

Do yourself a favor! Write down your goals for this year. Then make appointment and let’s verify if you are completely 100% - body, mind & spirit in alignment with what you want. If there is a block, then I can remove it. You will go to the next level, whatever your goal is.

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For 20 years in Los Angeles, Dr. Mike treated many well-known celebrities, such as Josie Bissett, Julie Moran, John McEnroe, Quincy Jones, Rod Stewart, Amy Irving, Dean Cain, Dylan McDermott and Barry Bostwick to name a few. He has toured the country treating colleagues and has been a participating healthcare provider in 4 Olympic Games. Dr. Mike and his family then moved to Atlanta from Los Angeles. Despite his former patients plea to return to L.A., Dr. Mike has chosen to join forces with Millennium Healthcare. Millennium Healthcare is a multi-discipline medical and healing facility, offering each patient the best of both conventional and holistic medicine. To contact Dr. Mike - call: (770) - 390 - 0012.