Spirit possession has become a more popular topic in recent years due to it being featured in popular media, including TV shows and movies. Although extreme cases make for more potent entertainment, they aren't very common in the real world. Below we describe the other levels of possession so you know what to watch out for.

1) Mild possession includes the phenomena of spirit attachment, and ghosts, which are not technically possession but are related and can still cause problems.

An example of this is an entity that exists in the home you moved into. His body died there of old age years ago, and for some reason he decided to stay instead of go into the Light. At times, without you realizing it, he enters your energy field and you experience brain fog and forgetfulness (he had Alzheimer's before he died). Your dog sometimes barks incessantly at something or someone in the room, but no one is there. Your six year-old daughter asks you who the old man standing in the hall is, but you don't see anyone.

What you need to do in this situation, as odd as it may sound, is explain to the older gentleman that his body is dead, this is no longer his home, and it's time for him to join loved ones in the Light. Say, "Go to the Light" and point upwards. Calling in spiritual helpers of the Light and his loved ones who have already crossed over may be necessary to help him move on.

2) Moderate possession afflicts those who regularly drink heavily and, or do drugs, which lowers their spiritual resistance to lost souls and negative energies. It can also start as the result of surgery, or extreme emotions from childhood abuse or other trauma.

If you're strong-willed, the entities might not have too much of an influence, but since they've joined your energy field, it's still easy to confuse their emotions, desires, cravings, and thoughts with your own. Hearing voices in your head and feeling energetically drained is common. If you find yourself feeling or thinking something completely out of the realm of your usual thoughts, ask yourself,
"Is this really me?" It might not be.

A sudden, strong interest in or craving for, one that you never had before, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, certain foods, gambling, or even sex with a different gender (caused by gay or straight lost souls possessing straight or gay people, respectively, or being possessed by the opposite gender) is often a sign of moderate possession.

Using the technique above can also help to remove entities in these cases, as can resisting the cravings, but a more in-depth approach is often needed.

3) Severe possession is the worst possible form, though more rare. People who are severely possessed are controlled by one, a few, or a whole entourage of lost souls and sometimes demonic energies. These people might be weak-willed or they are simply more susceptible to possession due to their brain chemistry, spiritual makeup, karma, and, or other reasons.

Depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, multiple personality disorder, and other problems can result from severe possession. Suddenly and unintentionally speaking with a foreign accent, like Brittney Spears did when she had some troubles a few years ago, can be indicative of a stronger lost soul from another country who has "moved in" unannounced.

Severe possession can cause or contribute to serious addictions, ones that are very difficult to overcome. After all, the possessed person is using, smoking, drinking, etc. not just for themselves, but others with them as well and they're not fully in control of their mind. Unfortunately, rehab clinics don't yet focus on this part of addiction.

In these extreme circumstances it's best to get assistance from someone who has experience removing lost souls and dark energy.

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