High electricity bills are a common problem in most households. Although there are many energy-efficient appliances available in the market still high energy bills are a big problem. If you are one of those people, who is tired of paying a hefty sum every month on the energy bill then you know how frustrating it can be. You have tried everything, you have made your home energy efficient, you try to use appliances strategically, you may have even hired a licensed electrician in Stuart or whichever area you live in, to find any underlying issue with the electrical system in your house. But, you just can’t point out what is causing a rise in the bills.

There are certain appliances that we use every day, which consume a substantial amount of electricity and running more than one of these appliances at the same time can raise your electricity bills uncharacteristically high. Check out the top 7 electric hogs in your house.

Water heater

Water heaters are an absolute necessity, especially in the winters, when you just can’t do without hot water. According to an article published by the National grid, an average water heater costs more than $55 worth of energy, which is quite high an amount. If you want to save some energy on the water heater, you can refer to a guide provided by the Department of Energy for buying an energy-efficient water heater.


The refrigerator is one of the most essential appliances in your home. Every house has a refrigerator and it is one of those appliances that run all day long without a break. Refrigerators can consume a good amount of energy that can lead to the spike in your energy bill. The energy consumption of a refrigerator depends on multiple factors including its size, age, temperature settings and location in the house. If you find your refrigerator to not power-efficient one, then you can opt for a new and more energy-efficient one.


Dehumidifiers are devices that reduces the humidity levels in your home. If you live in a high humidity region then you would need to use a dehumidifier in your home. Also, a number of homeowners depend on a dehumidifier to keep their home free from any type of mold or fungi. Although dehumidifiers have a lot of benefits this appliance can consume a lot of energy and boost the electricity bill considerably.

Dryers and washers

Dryers and washers consume a lot of energy. Homeowners on average spend about $115 annually on the dryer. This is quite a high amount of money to spend on electricity bill and when the cost is combined with all other appliances, the energy consumption becomes staggeringly high. Since dryers and washers consume so much energy, one way to save on your power consumption is to line dry or air dry your clothes instead of using a dryer all the time. 


Even though it doesn’t seem likely, but lightings too, can contribute to high energy bills. The Energy Information Administration in United States has reported that lightings contribute to 7 percent of the electrical consumption in the country. Certain lighting fixtures consume more energy than the other, so while buying lighting fixtures try to buy the ones that are more energy-efficient.

Hot tubs

Certain homeowners love to have the luxury of a hot bath in their home. Even though they offer great comfort and relaxation but they can also cause a spike in the electricity bills. In fact, the average annual energy cost of a hot tub is as high as $550, which is remarkably high. The energy consumption of a hot tub becomes even more in the winter months.

Television and gaming consoles

These everyday appliances too can consume a good deal of energy if not used strategically. Say if you fall asleep without turning off the TV or you forgot to turn off the gaming console, in such a case the energy consumption of these appliances can go upwards contributing to a high electricity bill.

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