If you are planning to adopt a Sphynx kitten, better known as a hairless cat, you should research some details of their treatment, such as food or dermis, to avoid potential health problems. This breed is native to Canada and its baldness is due to a recessive gene.

The Sphynx cat is a very special breed and therefore also requires special care to give it an optimal state of health. Continue reading to learn more about Sphynx kitten care, the maintenance it requires, and other curiosities about this particular cat breed. Find them, Sphynx Kitten For Sale at sphynxkittenforsale.com

The sphynx kitten requires a different diet than the majority of cat breeds. Sphynx cats have a more complex system of thermoregulation than other breeds because they lack a thick coat. Sphynx Kitten's body temperature is higher than other cats to compensate for the lack of hair.

This difference in faster metabolism causes the sphynx cat to consume more food than any other cat of the same size. For this reason, it is necessary to feed the Sphynx cat in particular.

To start treating the sphynx kitten, we are looking for special balanced foods for the sphynx cats in the market. These foods are made for all the demanding nutritional needs of a sphynx cat because it needs more protein and fat in its diet than the furry cat breed.

Although cat food contains more than 30% protein and about 20% fat, a sphynx cat needs food that contains at least 35% protein and 25% fat.

Sphynx cats sweat and collect protective, oily oil on the skin. This fact makes them get dirty more often than their hair. They also cannot properly care for themselves, so they are dependent on their caregiver for proper hygiene.

Although a monthly bath is usually recommended, not all sphynx kittens get dirty as quickly. For this reason, you should be alert to the texture of his skin, the accumulation of dirt, and even the reddish tint in his dermis. Keep in mind that small folds of your skin can usually accumulate dirt and microorganisms, causing scabies, among other diseases.

For the bath, we use special products for sphynx cats because excessive bathing or the use of inappropriate products can cause the cat’s oily skin and even severe irritation in its sensitive dermis. If we can’t find special products for sphynx kittens, we can look for shampoo for cats with sensitive skin as well as cat towels.

If a sphynx kitten, also known as an Egyptian cat, is not neatly groomed, the appearance and atmosphere of its fur will be greatly degraded. Therefore, a poor animal is uncomfortable and sad.

The sphynx does not have lashes, so the treatment of their eyes is stricter than usual in other breeds. They are more prone to infections, so constant hygiene is paramount. Sterile gauze should be dipped in saline. With this wet bandage brush, wash your cat's eyes thoroughly.

As with the eyes, we also need to take care of the thorough hygiene of the sphynx cat’s ears, which have a certain tendency to collect mites, grease, and wax if they are not cleaned at the appropriate frequency. All you have to do is wrap your fingers in gauze and gently move it inside your ear to remove this buildup.

Finally, emphasize the importance of cutting and removing accumulated dirt from nails. Regular use of the scraping column helps us have to cut them less often, as well as enriching and positive activities for the cat.

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