Pathanamthitta, the pilgrim hub of Kerala is always bounded by devotees as well as nature lovers. Therefore, it provides so many hotels all across the town area of the district. As it is the pilgrim capital, most of the pilgrims are refrain from luxurious accommodations. So the Pathanamthitta district is famous for moderate hotels. Here, it is not a difficult task to find hotel accommodation within your budget. It is very easy to find accommodation according to your taste, as there are numerous to cater to.

Along with the budget-friendly nature of the hotels in Pathanamthitta, what if you get a discount on the rate of hotel you like to stay most? Good news, right? True. Miyamiya offers you such an opportunity to get a discount. What you need is only the Miyamiya Privilege Card. It is a special privilege and guaranteed discount facility, created and managed by Sways Trading and Marketing Pvt Ltd. Miyamiya Privilege Card ensures a guaranteed discount for our cardholders from our registered merchants as well as service providers. It offers more privileges and extra discounts ranging from 3% to 20% while renting from our registered service providers. Our services spread all throughout the state. Miyamiya has a number of hotel associates in Pathanamthitta district. They are:

Club 7
Club 7 can be considered as the first shopping mall concept in the pilgrim capital of Kerala. It consists of Hotel, shopping centres and so on. The hotel is placed on the top of the three floors of a shopping mall and it offers convenience, comfort and a warm welcome to the tourist visiting there at the town of Thiruvalla. The main attraction is the hotel itself. It is a business class hotel. It is a perfect place to dine and a home to take rest. It involves family restaurant, food court and an art room ambience that all give a prestigious feeling to the customers. Neat and clean modern design, spacious and fabulous rooms and courteous staffs are the assets of Club 7. The outstanding restaurant on the rooftop let your hunger be satisfied with tasty dishes including local and international cuisines. Club 7 provides an unforgettable stay here at the traditional town centre of Thiruvalla.

Club 7 provides Club 7 provides 15% to 20% discount to the MiyaMiya card holders.

Hotel Hills Park
It is a trendy business class hotel with modern architecture and traditional looks in Pathanamthitta. The brilliant design and outstanding facilities make a feast for every guest. It provides really wonderful comfort and convenience along with a family-friendly atmosphere to the visiting customers. Air-conditioned rooms and free wifi are other important advantages of Hotel Hills Park. The customers arriving by car in the hotel provides free parking facilities. Fitness centre and free breakfast are available for the guests in Hotel Hills Park located at Kumbazha in Pathanamthitta district.

Hotel Hills Park provides 3% to 10% discount to the MiyaMiya card holders.

Hotel Park Residency
The hotel provides a personalized service by providing accommodation in Kozhenchery. Multi-cuisine restaurants, doctor on call, travel desk, conference hall, board room, laundry and telephone facilities are available there for our guests. Spacious rooms and parking facilities are other features of Park Residency. We have a dedicated team of staffs to greet and serve our guests.

In addition, Hotel Park Residency provides 3% to 10% discount for MiyaMiya customers.

Bessota International Hotel
Bessota International hotel situated at the centre of Thiruvalla helps to provide the requirements of vacation travellers, health tourist and business people. It offers high-quality luxurious services to the guests. Internet facility available at each room is the main advantage that attracts the guests here. Conference halls and banquet halls are well built here for making the special occasions of guest valuable and notable. For Business travellers, there is an Art video conferencing.

Furthermore, Hotel Bessota International provides 5% to 10% discount for our MiyaMiya customers.

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Miyamiya Privilege Card is a special privilege and guaranteed discount facility, created and managed by Sways Trading and Marketing Pvt Ltd. Miyamiya Privilege Card ensures a guaranteed discount for our card holders from our registered merchants as well as service providers.