Before you make the journey in learning to become a master speed reader, answering the question in the title can go a long way to motivating you to keep practicing and mastering the art and science of speed reading. A review of academic research in this area can confuse most people. In this article I will clarify the question and simplify the answers.

First, notice the title says "mastering speed reading." This means that you not only go through a well designed training that stimulates changes in your brain's neural networks, but you also can confidently and effectively apply that learning to a variety of types of materials. When you can accomplish this level of expertise, you have literally changed the way you learn. You will have changed the way your brain processes information. In fact, "mastering speed reading" is really about learning to learn in an accelerated, and thus brain enhanced, manner.

We know this is true by two measures. One measure is the results of people who master the skills and how they report about their experiences reading as speed readers. The other measure is with brain scanning devices and EEG (electro-encephalographs) that demonstrate enhanced brain functioning while someone is speed reading.

Next, let's examine what it means to be "smart." Being smart has been defined as the ability to process and apply information and facts in a manner of enhancing your life. Being "smart" also means being able to analyze, memorize and recall information, and use that information in a creative way. Similarly, you can apply this definition to the word "intelligence" as well.

So does speed reading raise your IQ scores? Academic research is mixed on this question. That is primarily due to the fact that different types of tests have been applied to the question. IQ tests may increase, but IQ tests reflect only one type of intelligence. Additionally, academics still argue about the nature of intelligence in general.

So let's keep to our original question and use the definition noted above. Can mastering speed reading make you smarter? Unhesitatingly, I and many experts will say "YES!"

By mastering speed reading you will process far more information and facts that are relevant to your own life and give you better insight into how you can improve or make changes to your life in a way that is meaningful to you. This is in fact, one of the primary motivators for adults to take up the training. The most creative and successful business leaders tend to be avid readers. Reading more, and reading in a wider variety of topics more quickly gives you the competitive edge needed in today's marketplace. Well designed speed reading programs are designed to help you accomplish this.

Certainly the ability to apply what you learn requires you to remember what you have read. Thus as you add the volume of information you process through speed reading, you increase the volume and strength of the neural-networks in your brain. This allows you to create new connections that you can apply to your life and professional work in new and creative ways for you.

All these facts add up to answer the question that mastering speed reading does make you smarter. So, while on your road to trying to develop these skills, if you get frustrated, keep in mind that you are making yourself smarter as you strive to master speed reading.

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