Speech Therapy is like a treatment for improving the vocal skill or communication skill. It can also improve the problem of stammering or stuttering. Speech therapy can help children with autism. Children with autism not only having problem with communication, but also have problem with behavior. Autism is a type of disorder in neural development, which has an impact on social interaction, communication and repetitive behavior. This syndrome starts before the child is three years old. Science has proved that speech therapy can improve communication skill of children with autism.

The main aim of speech therapy is to treat and cure a stutter. Speech therapy not only aim at teaching a child to speak properly, but it also set parameters of speech defects and corrects a child’s patter of speech. It is necessary for a Therapist to find out that the problem is due to accident or it is a natural problem.

Speech therapy can be used for many types of disorders for example Expressive disorder refers to difficulty in putting words together, limited vocabulary, etc. Receptive disorder refers to difficulty in understanding or processing language. It can also treats mechanics of producing words such as articulation, fluency, volume and pitch. People suffering from traumatic also need speech therapy treatment. Traumatic accidents or stroke changes ability to use language. For children it generally involves pursuing milestones that have been delayed. Some children needs help with language, some have problem with the mechanics of speech and some needs every kind of speech help like in fluency, communication, pronunciation, etc.

A professional of speech therapy is known as speech language pathologist or speech therapist. A speech therapist finds the weaknesses of a child in concern of communication. Therapist uses music, games, puzzles to word retrieval and communication or involves exercises for improving lips and tongue moments.

A speech disorder refers to a difficulty with the actual production of sounds, whereas a language disorder refers to a difficulty in understanding or putting words together to communicate ideas. Speech disorder includes-

Articulation disorders- It is difficulty in producing words or saying words incorrectly which listeners can’t understand.

Fluency disorders- It is the disorder of stammering or stuttering, in this flow of speech is interrupted by abnormal stoppages, repetition, etc.

Resonance or voice disorders- This is the disorder with pitch, volume or quality of voice. It may also cause pain or discomfort for a child when speaking.

Oral feeding disorders- This disorder include difficulty with drooling, eating, and swallowing.

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