Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur, there are plenty of stunning spots in Melbourne that will take your breath away. From classic landmarks such as the famous Flinders Street Station to lesser-known gems like the Royal Botanical Gardens, there are plenty of photo opportunities awaiting you in Melbourne.

If your people are looking for the best places to take photos in Melbourne, you've come to the right place! From historical buildings and colorful streets to hidden gems and stunning waterfronts, we've handpicked and rounded up a few top spots of the city's most photogenic locations where you can capture beautiful memories.

1. Federation Square

Located at Melbourne's heart, Federation Square is a vast open plaza filled with modern architecture, cultural attractions, and artwork. It's a popular spot for professional photographers because of its vibrant energy and unique mix of heritage and contemporary elements. Capture the undulating roof of the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, or the bold angles of Federation Square’s angular slab architecture – whichever you choose, you'll be sure to get an impressive photo!

2. Royal Botanic Gardens

An iconic Melbourne attraction, the Royal Botanic Gardens are home to more than 8,500 species of plants. Explore and capture the beauty of its picturesque grounds, lakes, waterways, and diverse landscapes – such as ornamental gardens, historic buildings, and sculptures. Get up close with some of the native and exotic plant species or take aerial shots with a drone for stunning results!

3. Eureka Skydeck

For the most breathtaking and awe-inspiring views of Melbourne, Eureka Skydeck is a must-visit location. Located in the Southbank Precinct of Melbourne – on the 88th floor, 290 meters above ground – this is one of those locations you simply can’t miss. As well as capturing some beautiful shots of the cityscape, get creative with your photography in Eureka Skydeck’s Edge Experience – take advantage of their outer standing glass cube for awesome perspective shots!

4. The Melbourne Arts Precinct

The Melbourne Arts Precinct is the cultural heart of the city and a great playground for photographers. Here you can capture views of some of the city’s most iconic locations such as Federation Square, Flinders Street Station, and Birrarung Marr Park. Whether it's early morning or late evening, you'll get that perfect shot of this vibrant hub – packed with people and life. Capture different angles around the many art galleries, theatres, cafes, laneways, and street art. There are also opportunities to get up close and personal with its famous sculptures in your photos!

5. St Kilda Beach

One of the most beloved beaches in Melbourne, St Kilda Beach provides some breathtaking and unparalleled photo opportunities. Whether you’re looking to capture the sunset stretching across the skyline, or the vibrant boardwalk embracing both cafes and shoppers, this festive beach is a must-see for photography lovers!

6. Flinders Street Station

Step away from the outside view of Flinders Street Station and explore its beauty on the inside. This is one Melbourne building that has been photographed often, however taking a closer look inside you’ll find hundreds - perhaps even thousands - of different spots to snap a great photo. See how this iconic station has fused together architecture, history, and culture all in one place.

7. Princes Bridge

Princes Bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks in the city, crossing the Yarra River in Melbourne. Photographers flock to Princes Bridge for views of stunning sunsets and stunning long exposures from its vantage point. From the Arts Centre looking back over Princes Bridge, visitors can take advantage of the soft colors and light available at sunset. A tripod and filters are necessary for capturing beautiful shots of the evening sky with silky water effects.

8. Princes Pier

For a truly captivating experience, visit Princes Pier, located just outside the city at the Port of Melbourne. The pier consists of posts standing in an evenly matched distance for as long as one’s eyes can see- a beauty that is further enhanced at sunrise and sunset when illuminated by golden skies. Reachable by car in 15 minutes, Princes Pier will surely be sure to mesmerize you with its grandeur.

9. Brighton Beach Boxes

The iconic Brighton Beach Boxes have become an essential part of any trip to the beach. These colorful and quirky little sheds can be found along a small stretch of sand and are sure to be a photographer's delight with their bright and unique murals. However, it is best to avoid visiting on busy days such as weekends and public holidays. Brighton Beach is an amazing spot for sunrise watching, so once you've captured some photos, sit back, relax, and watch the sun slowly dip into the ocean.

Bottom Line
Melbourne is filled with stunning places that are perfect for taking photos. From gorgeous beaches to breathtaking trails, and delightful cityscapes, there's no shortage of incredible spots to capture wonderful memories and capture amazing images. Whether you're interested in capturing sweeping cityscapes or idyllic beach scenes, there's sure to be something for photographers of all levels and interests. Get out there and explore the city - you won't regret it!

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Melbourne is a beautiful city with many spectacular places to take photos. Check out this guide for tips and ideas on the best spots to capture breathtaking images.