Method No 2: Specify Goals

Make a list of your goals; the things that you would like to accomplish, create, manifest, improve or obtain. Include all aspects of your life – physical, material, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, familial, relationships, professional etc. Consider what you want to manifest for yourself, for your family, for others, for society and for humanity.

Create your own unique list

Creating such a list allows you to consciously decide what you need and want in order to be happy and to fulfill your life purpose. Be sure that your goals are yours and not social or parental programmings. What you want and need in order to be happy and fulfilled may or may not coincide with what others want, believe or admire.

We are not suggesting that you reject anyone or their beliefs, but simply that you ask yourself what you really want and what is really important for you. It is easy to become sidetracked by society’s superficial values and what others admire or consider important or worthy – which may or may not be what we really need for our unique ideal life.

Let go of limitations

As you create your list, be free from limitations such as whether or not you believe that you can actually manifest that goal. Also do not limit yourself by trying to figure out how what you want can manifest. Just write all that you really want from within and leave the how and when to the universe. Let go of what others or you yourself think can and cannot be achieved.

By specifying what you want to manifest, you are setting in motion the powers of the universe towards that specific creation. Our attention augments whatever we focus on. By focusing on what you want (and especially with positive emotions) you are bringing them into materialization. Many people know what they do not want, but are not very clear about what they do want. This exercise will help.

Giving form to consciousness

When we do this, we are actually consciously giving form to the unlimited universal consciousness. This is similar to the white, formless light of the movie projector obtaining form as it passes through the images on the film. Our thoughts are the film that forms the one universal consciousness that is passing through them.

When we do not consciously focus on what we want, then our reality is created by our limiting, programmed subconscious beliefs and feelings. We feel victimized when our reality is not what we desire, because we are unaware of that fact that our reality is a reflection of our subconscious fears, self-doubt, insecurity and limiting beliefs and feelings.

It is now time to consciously decide what we want and to state it in written form. I suggest that you now make that list before continuing your reading. I also suggest that you read this list frequently and add to it, or subtract from it, so that it ever more accurately describes what you want.

It is not suggested that you read this list to others, but you can read it to yourself in a mirror.

Exercise no. 4 - Now make your list of what you would like to accomplish, create, manifest, improve, cultivate or obtain. This does not need to be limited to material goals. You may choose to develop qualities and talents or become free from fears or attachments. Write down all that you want.

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