“If you don’t have specific strategies to help me, get out of my face.”
• 1. Me: “Mike (my 15 year old), which is more important, your LEFT or your RIGHT hemispheres?”

• 2. Mike: “Oh, it’s time for my Speedreading101.com education. Do I have to answer this question, I got homework.”

• 3. Me: “Forget it, you’re out of my will. More for your siblings. See ya.”

• 4. Mike: “Is this stuff going to really help me win a scholarship, a hot-girl-friend, or get rich working?”

• 5. Me: “It’s going to give you the “competitive-edge” to win by acing exams & getting “A” in your classes. If you use these strategies (easy & fast systems) you’ll get Promotions, Bonuses & be happy 24/7. Good enough?”

• 6. Mike: “I know you want to help, but …”

• 7. Me: “Here’s the deal. Hang in for five minutes, and if the knowledge is not important IN-YOUR-OPINION – you are free to leave and play Video-Games all nite.”

• 8. Mike: “Deal, and remember, you said in MY opinion, not yours, Pop,”

• 9. Me: “What’s you answer to that original question, left or right brain, which is better?”

• 10. Mike: “In school they teach us that it’s the LEFT-brain
(hemisphere) because it contains reason, logic, & planning.
No question, “analysis, math, language & music “are vital.
I choose RIGHT brain because it runs creativity, emotion &
remembering ‘patterns’.”

11. Me: “Nice shot Mike, the latest research, Oct. 4, 2013, at Florida State University, lead author, Dean Falk. It’s published in the journal, “Brain”. The answer is: both brains working together.”

• 12. Mike: “A trick question to fool me.”

• 13. Me: “Write this down, it’s important to remember. The largest bundle of fibers in the Brain is called the Corpus Callosum.

• It functions like a switchboard. It connects left & right hemispheres (brain) to communicate one-to-the-other.
Lefty & Righty are partners, & what one knows, it tells the other.
• So what? If you want to be a Brainiac, you need to have both halves of your cerebral cortex work as a team.

• 14. Mike: “Wait. I got it. If you’re only working with either one, you are short-changing yourself. “The whole
Is greater than the sum of its parts.”

• 15. Me: “Brilliant, on-the-dinero. Now guess which famous man had the largest corpus-callosum? Guess.”

• 16. Mike: “Pop, I’m not a mind-reader. Ben Franklin, G. Washington? No, they would be the smartest. A scientist, right?”

• 17. Me: “That’s worth $10 added to your allowance. The answer is Cousin Albert.”

• 18. “Mike: “Great, like I didn’t know he was the top Brainiac. Everyone knows Einstein. Now show me how to improve my Corpus Callosum. I got homework to do.”

• 19. Me: “Baby-easy and quick. You goal is to get both halves of your integrated, working like a team, not separately.”

• 20. Mike: “Tell me the STEPS.”

• 21. Me. Step one. “Sit down, close your eyes and keep a SMILE on your face for 2-minute of this practice.

• Step two: four Diaphragmatic breaths. On Exhaling, chant a loud, “Hum-m. Hum-m. Hum-m. Hum-m. Total of 16-times.

• Step three, pay attention. Mentally visualize the symbol for “Infinity”, an ‘eight’ sleeping on its back. Got it?”

• Step four: Raise your dominant hand, stick out your Index-Finger and physically Trace (like an Air-Guitar) a three-foot wide Infinity-Symbol in front of you.

• Trace the sleeping 8 again with your dominant index-finger. A total of six (6) times. Wide, in front of you. Peripheral-Left, all-the-way to Peripheral-Right. 3-feet wide.

• Step five: Now do exactly the same thing with your other hand, using your opposite Index-Finger. Get it?”

• 22. Mike: “That’s easy. First TRACE the “Infinity” with my right-hand index-finger for a minute or so. Next TRACE the “Infinity” with my left-hand index-finger. My eyes are closed and I am visualizing right?”

• 23. Me: “Sure. Now Open your eyes and do this AIR tracing in front of you 3-foot wide, moving left-to-right.
Exactly the same 2-minute exercise (strategy)but with your eyes open. How many times? Six-times.

• 24. “Mike: “Don’t tell me. I’m programming your mind to use both sides instead of one. How many days do I…?”

• 25. Me: “Once a day for 14-days, or twice-a-day for 4-minutes for one-week (7-days). Your mind begins to improve daily, so finish the exercise. Got it?”

• 26. Mike: “Makes a lot of sense, and being like Cousin Albert is worth the effort. Thanks, Pop.”

• See ya,

• A) “The faster you learn, the more you earn.”
B) “You SNOOZE, you Lose.”
c) “The WHOLE is greater than the SUM of its parts.”
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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