Special thanks to the RED CROSS...

This past week I had the pleasure and the HONOR to attend the 12th annual Real heroes Breakfast, put on by the Syracuse American Red Cross.
It is an annual tribute to some of the community’s local heroes.

Their tagline ‘Ordinary people…Extraordinary Courage. In an instant, real people become REAL HEROES.’

The program was quite impressive, and I walked out of the room feeling very good, and proud. Proud of my fellow courageous humans.
Pumped up that I have the chance to hear some chilling, some tear jerking, and some downright brave stories.

To give a quick snapshot, we had humans being saved from car accidents, and dogs falling in icy waters being rescued.
We had local hospital using technology to help the blood supply be extended to more in need, and companies forming their own EMT and fire department service.
We had more accident responders, and even a cat waking a family to a burning house.

And these were the people being HONORED. No doubt there are plenty more heroes in our community, and yours as well, that do wonderful deeds, and fly under the radar. Life moves on.

The facts clearly are that… we are all humans and ‘stuff happens.’ People every day step up to the plate in time of need, and give our fellow humans a helping hand.

Speaking of lending a hand...I thought this was appropriate time to give a public hand and shout out to our local Red Cross and chapters all over the country and world.
It’s amazing how many volunteers, and donations, and other helpers go into this organization, day in and day out.

Every single one of us(or our families) is touched in some form by the Red Cross services. It might be the local EMT’s, or a blood transfusion, or CPR training, local donor drives, or heaven forbid...disaster relief services, and emergency victims.

So here is a GIANT hats off to anyone who is a HERO,and, anyone who has been a part of this great organization with the big Red Cross associated with it.
Accidents might happen by accident. However, responding to them doesn’t.

Many people, behind the scenes of the Red Cross are to be thanked for all they do on the scene and behind the scenes.

Finally, if your community does one of these heroe's breakfasts, do YOURSELF a favor, and be sure to attend.
You will be glad, and mighty proud that you did.

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