The function of bra is to assure women's breasts, to advance chest ideal anatomy of adapted ambit of the chest, chest arrest, beefy. But not all women's busts are standard, the selection of bra ad measurements as able-bodied as panties. So those special populations in the choice of bra always feel very distressed. The following are four of the most common of the "special circumstances", if you encounter this situation, can be used as a reference to solve the problem.

Thorax flat, diffuse, spill

There are a variety of reasons for thorax flat, diffusion or spill over, in addition to natural spillover, some because of a long time do not wear a bra, thus causing your chest without support points, resulting in thorax any walk, to form the chest overflowing. Or because your chest is not small, but do not know how to measure bra size in right way, thus buy too small, which can't inclusive your thorax, make the thorax flat; some women unable to concentrate because the models did not choose the right to make their own chest, causing diffusion. Therefore, we choose bra certainly do not bother to understand what kind of bra only destination to pick, if more than three cases of women choose centralized type of bra that is 3/4 cup bra , it makes you focus on the chest. Bring out the upright curve.

Thorax pendent

The women who has sagging breasts because of chest are often higher, but the breast muscle relaxation, and afraid that the chest compression to seek comfort without wear bra, this will lead to sagging breasts. If you want to overcome and remedy these shortcomings, first of all, you have to choose a bigger bra such as good push up bra than usual, and try to use the rim and the side to strengthen the function of the bra, strengthen background, supported by the bottom-up, but be careful whether the width of the shoulder strap can be satisfactorily comply with the weight of the child care and improve the position of the breast, and pay attention to the breast satisfactorily fill the cup, select full-cup bra, because the full-cup bra, sagging thorax set off together.

Thorax charming small

It is congenital thorax charming small, but can make up functional bra, usually pay attention to whether the wear suitable. Slightly larger bra should be worn, let thorax blood circulation, it can move in the right location and space development to strengthen its activities in space, if you achieved in the progress, remember, and continue to bigger bra.

Fullness in the thorax

Fullness Ladies best to wear black or white lines (white, ivory white, bleached, gray, etc.) underwear. Neutral color or plus gray line; will weaken the plump ladies' Luster. Meanwhile, black or white underwear can easy match colored exterior with a relatively easy color matching.

Just like buying panties, lace panty is absolutely admirable, but not alone you suitable with the style, the actual that you can accept the appropriate one is the best one.

Explore a range of bra that should be suit for your body as well as the tiny thong panties. Only the right size and material make you comfortable and health.

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