One of the most important ways to grow your business is to always be gaining new exposure and awareness to both yourself and your products. Running your own seminar can be a great way at drwing in new clients and in turn increasing your profits. Seminars allow for a human interaction & connection, with an audience of potential buyers, which you can appeal to, gaining you more exposure than by other marketing strategies, and hopefully increasing your revenue at the same time.

Running your own seminar can be an enormous task, but with a plan in place, it doesn't have to be. There are many elements involved in running and planning your own seminar. Some things that will need to be considered are the location and venue, what to name your seminar, the timing of your seminar, and the marketing of your seminar, or how to get people to attend your seminar.

To start, it would be a good idea to think about where you're going to hold your seminar, the location, and what's a good location?. Questions to ask yourself should include, how attendees will there be, is there a place that is known to hold seminars, where do others hold their seminars locally, will people be flying in from out of state to attend my seminar, do I need hold it at a hotel, or other space?

Price is something you should consider when you rent a space. Negotiating a low price for the rental of the space is a great idea, because you definitely don't want to over spend just to secure a venue. You might want to also consider negotiating a deal with a venue, where the venue receives a percentage of your profits in exchange for the rental of the space.
Once you have secured a venue, it would be a good idea to structure a timeline or format your seminar. Things to be considered are bathroom breaks, lunch or dinner breaks, also the overall length you want your seminar to be. Depending on the amount of information you wish to share, can help determine the length of your seminar. Do you need just a couple of hours to get your message out and sell your audience, or will you need a whole day, or even longer?

No matter how you decide to outline your seminar, you will need a great title for your seminar. You want your title to be engaging and capture interest. However, the title of your seminar should be relevant to what type of information you will be sharing. It would be a bad idea to come up with a really catchy title that has nothing to do with what you will be speaking about. You wouldn't want to mislead people into coming to your seminar only to have them disappointed that the information is not what they were expecting.

Finally, the most important thing when running your own seminar is getting people in the seats. The whole point of running your own seminar is to gain more exposure by getting your message out to more people. A marketing plan is absolutely needed. You could make your seminar free to help attract more people, or you could charge to make money on the seats, and pre-qualify your attendees. Then there is social media like facebook which can help get the word out. You could create an event and invite everyone on your list. Even the use of video marketing could help draw in prospects.

Running your own speaker seminar can have many great benefits. There are a lot of things to consider when planning your seminar. It doesn't have to be a hard complicated task, especially with a well thought out plan you can throw a well marketed and successful seminar. Once you throw one, the next on will be easier, and you can continue to grow your speaking career.

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