As we can feel the Christmas breeze flavoring with eccentric bonanza of City London, it is now a magnificent time to land in London to have a spirit of the festive and enjoy Christmas bonanza. You can scroll into the markets of festivity for shopping or simply window shopping or when the night dawns and the city markets are flooded with shining lights and decoration spree, you can just enjoy the night from the precincts from your London Boutique hotel.
These boutique hotels with their reflection of dignity and grandness are welcoming you all with pride and great hospitality. As you enter into the city London, the first thing you would be looking for is Boutique hotel. To the tourists delight and to catch the spirit of Olympics, it is predicted that London will see these hotels doubled basically towards Eastern side which will be seeing itself on the hotel map for the first time.
On the road map of the Boutique hotel industry on the anvil is the Mercer Street Hotel which could see its reopening. Yet another Hotel Mountbatten will be having additional 137 rooms with free Wi-Fi and ability to connect all Apple devices to the TV. Qatari Investment also continued with its sale spirit in London boutique hotels with the Sanderson Hotel. Ian Schrager, a man behind to bring the concept Boutique hotel in London has also envisaged the creation of Boutique Hotels.
Moreover we can also see many of these hotels are turning their hotel in the visage of Christmas theme with the best example is that of The Montague on The Gardens. They are coming up with great offers to the tourists delight. The main emphasis will be in the vodka bar to feature range of festive flavors. The most interesting of all is the top secret deal of St Ermin’s Hotel to give the kids adventure and fun. This package which they called as “The Budding Bonds” is a way to give homage to the hotel where spies often met to formulate the schemes during their Cold War and WW2.
Many of these boutique hotels will also be organizing carols every night and some will entail themselves with perfectness to give great party time to its guests. Though complete London is lighted in a Christmas spirit, yet staying in Boutique hotels is an added boon for you. You can very well find the most suitable hotel for you through your online search. Internet is full of the listing of London Boutique Hotels for your convenience from where you can very well compare the features and rates too at ease and book your room in advance to make your stay most comfortable and memorable.

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The Sumner has the intimate charm of an elegant hotel. Located in the heart of London within strolling distance of Oxford Street shopping, the bright lights of West End, and the tranquillity of Hyde Park.

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