Creativity is something that we all have an innate human need for. When we open up our minds to creativity, we are able to find solutions easier, maintain stronger relationships, be more collaborative, find greater excitement in work, think of innovative ideas, inspire others, build balance and so much more.

Some people are wonderful at expressing their creativity by inventing new products, creating stunning pieces of art, or composing music. This has become the definition of creative when there is truly creativity all around us – it’s everywhere, for everyone.

Creativity begins when you are able to silence your inner critic and have the courage to express your ideas, in various different formats. It is not the result that counts, which is counter-intuitive to a results-focused society as well.

The moment you create, with your hands or your head, you start to release endorphins and you feel present…happy. Unleash your creativity. Here are a few ways that you can step into a more creative and fulfilling life.

Embrace Failure
Think about the things that are born out of failure. Being a perfectionist is stifling. So many people experience shame over this experience when the reality is that the failure leads you closer to the success you desire. Our world is far too focused on performance and success today instead of learning.

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve; the fear of failure.” Paulo Coelho

Leap Forward
Many times, the challenge with beginning something new is not that we don’t have any ideas, it is that our heads are filled with so much that we don’t know where to begin. It has become a habit to focus on the “bing” of the email or instant messages…all day long. People focus on distractions and interruptions all day long, instead of taking the first step towards something that will have a powerful impact. Take the first tiny action towards what you desire. Little steps over time lead to giant leaps.
“It’s a sad thing in life to wait until you are ready. The reality is that there is never a truly perfect time to start. No one is every fully ready. There is no such thing really. There’s only now. Start now.”

Sleep Well
We can be successful only when we take care of ourselves. The most important aspect of caring for yourself is to get sleep on a regular basis. This doesn’t align with the workaholic mindset that has been built in North America. When you sleep more, you become more competent. You gain clarity and longer term, create increased effectiveness.

Sleep is the key to happiness and creativity. Gift yourself sleep and watch your creativity heighten.

Allow Boredom
There was a time, not so long ago, when you had moments of space and time to watch people in line or stay lost in thoughts. With the development of smartphones, this space has been eliminated. Every moment of the day seems to be filled.

When was the last time you took a pause to notice the sounds around you? To notice the smells around you? To notice what you could see around you? We keep ourselves busy all the time and leave little time for doing nothing. Doing nothing is vital to recharge. This is when your imagination comes to life…and you can notice it.

Explore Uncomfortable
When we focus too much on keeping things the way they are, our minds tend to slip into auto-pilot. We stop seeing what is around us. It is comfortable and easy but sharing in new experiences creates a new vibrancy and awareness. It sparks all of our senses into gear.

Habits provide clarity. Our safe and familiar comfort zones are built around personal habits that make life easier for us. Studies have shown that the start of something is the most difficult part because it is a huge step into the unknown. Exploring new things is good for your brain; it keeps you sharp and you continue to develop yourself.
Capture Youth
Beginner’s mind is a term Buddhists use to describe a particular state of mental openness. As a beginner you have no expectations. You are not restricted by your perspectives, biases, experiences, judgements etc. You are like a child full of wonder and you see the world through a prism of possibilities.

You become open to the world and people around you. You gain access to parts of your brain that you haven’t been using. Suddenly, new ideas can surface. A fresh look, like when you were a child and everything was new, will make you more creative.

Be Alone
“Decorate one’s inner house so richly that one is content there, glad to welcome anyone who wants to come and stay, but happy all the same in the hours when one is inevitably alone.” Edith Wharton

When we embrace our alone time, the most beautiful thoughts can emerge. With social media and the “always on” communication in today’s world, many days it is difficult to carve out true alone time. Many people have become uncomfortable with being alone. The soul craves connection and yet, there comes a time where you need to walk alone to hear your soul. It frees space in your brain to experience new thoughts and insights.

Go Offline
There is so much valuable information online. The frequency to which we turn to our smartphones in mindless moments is a problem. We keep looking, swiping, tapping, checking…we spin in nothing and lose hours of valuable time. Our brain doesn’t help us as it likes to intuitively move through this process. It’s the instant gratification of the ping and flash that keep us coming back for more.

There are so many ways to “go off the grid” for periods of time…for space! What if you put your phone where you couldn’t see it? You can’t produce anything of value if you are unable to concentrate. What if you hung out with people who made you forget about your phone? Offline is the new luxury.

Magnify Mindfulness
There is a direct correlation between meditation, mindfulness and creativity. Practicing mindfulness helps to develop the ability to look, feel, see, sense all that is around you. Meditation allows you to dive deep, which allows your creativity to blossom. You become still, your awareness is heightened, your thoughts become clear, you are fully present to all that is possible.

Mindfulness teaches us to be in the here and now. Our thoughts wander easily to the past and the future. Mindfulness is like a filter on your mind. A calm mind is a creative mind. Our greatest experiences are our quiet moments.

Build Team
You’ve started practicing mindfulness. You’ve boosted your energy levels. You’ve gained confidence in your abilities and have started creating. Now you desire to surround yourself with a community of people who can appreciate your art, share your ideas, let inspiration flow with. You want a creative partner(s).

Find a creative connection where your ideas and energy can expand together. Collaboration amplifies creativity.

Creativity sparks an enormous energy. There is an unexplainable fuel that ignites when something new is created, a new idea is born, a unique perspective is discovered. It’s like an interruption of the norm and it inspires people into action.

We crave the opportunity to roam free, to explore, to seek solutions. We delight in working with our hands and creating something beautiful. This creative spark can be illusive in our over-busy world. It seems difficult to give ourselves permission to spend time in play and creativity.

When you step back and recognize the powerful outcomes derived from investing time in the creative process, this belief system makes no real sense. Creativity gives you the power to shape your life, build balance, unleash the amazing.

Reflection: What one thing will you choose to action when you reflect on all of these possibilities?

Author's Bio: 

Laurie Hawkins is a curator, catalyst and connector. She is a certified business success strategist, speaker, radio show host, trainer and leader who drives revenue, results and raving fans along with fulfillment and flow. Laurie’s reputation is built on her unique ability to enable strategy and soul to coexist. She is a thought-leader with the rare ability to both inspire and create actionable strategies.