As a Spanish translation agency with offices in Canada, we work with a network of professional translators based all over the world, in Spain and Latin and Central Americas. We also closely work with local Canadian authorities and experts and know what their requirements and expectations are. This is important for us to be able to deliver the Spanish document translation services of required standard and quality.

We work and translate Spanish documents issued in various countries and in all language varieties. We also translate handwritten texts (medical prescriptions, for example) and poorly legible documents. Should there arise any questions or doubts, we always discuss these directly with the clients. Customer satisfaction is important to us.

Some of personal Spanish documents that we translate include identity documents (DNI, carnet de identidad, documento de identidad, passports), birth certificates, civil registry extracts and certificates (birth, marriage, divorce, death), powers of attorney, wills and succession documents, academic (school and university) certificates and transcripts of results, tax declarations, sales and transfer agreements, court judgments, decrees and decisions, etc. In short, you name it, we provide the most extensive Spanish document translation services.

In addition to private clients, we offer our Spanish translation services to corporate clients, who have over the years shown their satisfaction with our Spanish translation agency services. We have regular clients and design customized solutions for any corporate Spanish language translation project. Your success means our success.

All final translated and certified documents match in format insofar as possible the original files to ensure ease of refence and for clarity purposes. This means that any graphs, tables and graphics that appear in your original file will be reproduced insofar as possible in the translated text. Some of the documents that have such special formats are payslips, tax declarations, marketing materials, promotional materials and presentations, planning and building plans and applications and many more.

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