When you arrive on your HOLIDAY TO SPAIN you will be able to sample the true Spanish culture. This culture is known far and wide, as being one of the friendliest civilizations that welcome friends and visitors alike with open arms. This spirit of friendliness along with their generosity is what draws people to the Spanish-speaking world. This could be the reason why so many people are learning Spanish.

There are a number of things that have influenced the Spanish culture over the centuries, including but not limited to art, poetry, cuisine, music, dance and architecture. A lot of these influences can be attributed to the different civilizations that have ruled Spanish-speaking countries.

The Iberian Peninsula is believed to be the cradle of Spanish culture. This is due in part to the various cultures which captured or visited the Iberian Peninsula such as the Greeks. Remember this area constitutes a large part of the southern European continent which affected a lot of people. Some of the different cultures included the Greeks, Basque, Celts, Visigoths and Moors all of which left something behind in the way of culture. The important edifices left behind are in the form of architecture. This is from the Romans and Moors and is evident all along the coast. You could call Spain a melting pot for not only culture but also their cuisine.

It was in the 8th century AD that the Moors forced their culture on the Spanish which would be assimilated in the culture. Besides their architecture the Moors were well known for their attractively designed gardens. An Islamic garden contains a number of features that make it different such as the irrigation system, shade, different flowers placed together that creates a different colour and smell. The Moors also had an influence on the Spanish language especially the prefix “al”.

The French was a lot more subtle as their culture was spread by the pilgrims and ecclesiastics. These two groups ventured peacefully through Spain. Their interaction with the locals added a number of French world and phrases along with some of their cuisine. While they were here in the early half of the 11th century they also spread their spiritual traditions and art.

Sometime during the 15th and 16th centuries Italy played their part in adding to Spain's culture. This influence came in the form of language and society due in part by the popularity of Italian poetry. They didn't stop there as they proceeded to influence the art, cuisine, music and their way of thinking.

For centuries, the Spanish culture had undergone change when it assimilated new and different culture into its own. The creative and artistic forces that have emerged over the centuries will simply amaze you. It feels like they had a choice of these forces and chose only the best. When learning how to speak Spanish you will soon come to appreciate the rich and varied culture in Spanish-speaking countries.

When scheduling your HOLIDAY TO SPAIN, I believe the reason people are so friendly and family orientated while holding the children in the highest esteem was caused by the Barbary Pirates. During this period in history, the Pirates raided the Spanish coastline capturing or killing as many locals as possible. The ones they captured were taken to the north coast of Africa to be sold at the slave auction. The surviving population became a more cohesive group, holding the family even closer.

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