The idiom ‘Spa’ was taken from the name of ‘Spa’ municipality of Belgium, which is famous for its healing hot springs. Although hot springs can be found in many countries all over the world, but the hot springs of Spa, Belgium are believed to have special health giving and healing powers. Dating back from the pre-historic times, people have been travelling to far-off and famous places having hot or cold springs with the hope of getting cure of different ailments. Even in the modern world, the purification through water ritual is followed in religious ceremonies of Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, etc.

In recent times, due to various constraints and factors like time and money which prevent people from visiting these far-off springs, various Day Spa and Spa resorts have come up in most of the cities. India is fast emerging as one of the popular spa destination. There are various famous Spa resorts in India. The Spa resorts in Himalayas top the list of famous Spas in India. The Spa in Himalayas are famous for their world class treatments. Most of the major cities in India have a few renowned Spa centres. Most of the ingredients used in the spa treatments are based on natural products, hence very popular among the health conscious.

The Spas offers various non-medical procedures and treatments to cure ailments and rejuvenate the body. The most popular treatments offered by Spas are Aromatherapy, different kind of Baths, various kind of massages, skin exfoliation, etc. The therapies offered are Ayurveda, Oriental and Western style. The Exfoliating body treatments result in stimulating circulation, lifts away dead skin and boosts absorption of other treatments. The steam therapies result in increased metabolic rates, helps in burning calories thereby resulting in water-weight loss & reduction of cellulite and hydrates the skin. Regular spa therapies enhances spiritual awareness, increases body’s energy flow, soothes the muscles and body joints, reduces the ageing effects, detoxifies the body and heals emotional stress.

Depending upon one’s requirement and the body type, the Spas offer customized treatments. Although the therapy procedures do not change generally, but the therapies given are often based on individual needs, which are given separate or combined with other therapies for better results, for example, exfoliating body treatments, when combined with steam baths results in more calorie and weight loss.

Depending upon their area of expertise, Spas offers various kinds of massages. Some of the very popular massages are deep tissue massage, concentrated reflexology, scalp and face massage, Swedish massage, hot stone therapy massage, hot oil massage and medicated massages. Massages have been a part of our health routine for a very long time. It calms the nervous system, thereby promoting relaxation and well being. It improves blood circulation, reduces tension and anxiety and stimulates the lymphatic system. Various Ayurvedic spas offer special medicated massages and treatments like Shiro-dhara, Abhyangam, Hot Herbal Poultice therapy, Padabhyanga, Shirodhara and Shirobhyanga. Also on offer are various Revitalizing body therapies, Skin & Nail care, Speciality baths and various other skin and beauty treatments and massages, which result in relaxation and rejuvenation.

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