There was once a time when exclusive luxury spa retreats were only for the rich and famous seeking pampering and privacy. Spas and Salons are now popular destinations and sources of health for all. Three Graces Spa & Salon is a unique chain of Spa & Salon in Delhi which offers luxury treatments at affordable pricing. The expansion and rapid increase in the number of luxury Spas in Delhi are the result of healthy lifestyle seekers. The treatments in these spas and salons are pushed beyond looks and fasten with the responsibility of maintaining good skin, healthy body and positive energy within you.

This Spa in Connaught Place, ensembles the Greek mythology of three graces namely Body, Beauty, and lifestyle. This Spa has set a new benchmark with its exclusive vast range of beauty treatments and products, maintaining high standards of quality in lifestyle services. It offers the best treatments with international products that suit all kind of budgets. One of the popular range of products are the Germaine De Capuccini (GDC) Products known for their unique elements, origin & a reputation of achieving results.

This Salon is a synonymous to grace with its specialized treatments and facials that are designed for every specific skin, hair, body types and physical needs. For example, Age defiance is an exclusive anti aging treatment that tones and hydrates the skin followed by a muscle stimulation massage to provide an instant and effective facelift. This treatment has healing ingredients that result in softening skin and firming age lines with wrinkles.At this Luxury Spa in Delhi expert analysis is the key for creating innovative solutions. And hence you would find the latest skin technology analyzer & world’s best products like Germaine De Capuccini in this Spa to keep away all your skin related disorders. It employs specially trained personnel who guide you during & after your treatments on how to use beauty products, when to seek beauty services & briefly discuss healthy living options for your daily routine.

It is also equipped with India’s first ever hair analysis system- The Capilloscope & world’s best brands like Rene Furterer for all our hair & scalp needs. The treatments range from Hair Spa to a modified Three Graces Re-Hydrating Spa Treatments that aims at moisturizing and renewing the scalp. This treatment is aimed at rejuvenating your scalp & removing dead skin in the process too. This process works directly on the roots and helps to coax the knotted harshness of the scalp. It results in healthier and nourished hairs and long lasting shine.

This Salon employs highly experienced personnel who have worked in the Hair Industry for substantial periods and each client is given individual attention on how to maintain their hair, grow their hair & defy hair fall or hair loss. The Salon services will ensure your hair is cut in the most sensitive & stylish way in order to enhance your face cut, complexion, nature of work & how much do you have to maintain your hair style.

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