We at Southernseas provide a guiding light to students and help them choose the best career path they are looking for. We comprise of a team of certified education counselors that conduct a series of internationally acclaimed tests to discover one’s self worth, creating more awareness on overseas education and how to proceed with their career.

We also provide services involving overseas education counselling along with career counselling, unraveling how your skills align with your career path. Unlock your true potential and thrive under the guidance of our education counselors. We don’t define you, rather help you realize your own true potential

Our education counselors guide students when they are confused and lost about overseas education and dream career path, students standing at the crossroads not sure which direction to take. Our objective is to identify the career choices based upon skills, ability and persona of the students.

We help students choose their educational path, their dream universities & build their career in accordance with the destined path. We facilitate students of all educational backgrounds, streams to know themselves, tap their talent, ignite their enthusiasm creating more fulfilling career path for future. We hand-hold people through their self-doubt leaving them self-empowered to move ahead with their dreams. Our team of education counselors help them with a complete guidance about overseas education and help them in taking decisions that will shape their lives for better.

We help students and guide them with how to go ahead with overseas education as it’s a huge decision both, financially and emotionally. We provide them with individual counselling on how to invest adequate time and effort in order to make the perfect decision. Our counselors help students identify their professional goals, enabling them to take a wiser academic decision, and give a personal guidance to choose the course that perfectly fits their career or personal goals.

Our team of education counselors and also into overseas education help students identify their professional goals in alignment with their personal goals for applying into higher education abroad. We help them choose the best programs as per their goals aspired, personally and professionally. We make students understand both sides of the coin of their specific selected program and offer the best possible combination of universities and career path which suits their circumstances.

Our team of overseas education and career counselors facilitate all the queries regarding their career path choice and give a brief understanding about each program with respective universities they dream of. We have always been valued for these career counselling program and appreciated by students for helping them with their international applications.

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Southernseas believes in shaping one’s dream with a versatile track record of placing student’s across some of the most reputed Universities around the globe. We are renowned for breaking the conventional and discovering new study destinations for students. We provide career guidance and counselling for admission to varied Universities in United States, Germany, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Ireland, New Zealand and many more study destinations around the globe. We have 21 years of experience and represent hundreds of Universities and Institutes in the world. We have on board a thoroughly a dedicated and richly experienced team of expert counselors who provide in-depth and detailed counseling on numerous Universities.