The research reveals that the friendship of Tamica Lee and Reagan Charleston turning thread over, it took a serious hit when Tamica was left alone in the dark and Regan got clear divorced. Engaged, pregnant all at once leaving Tamica shocked. She is been really outspoken about her life and says she and Regan are still working to repair and strengthen their relationship they are also on the ups downs facing path. The Southern Charm Stars Tamica Lee and Reagan Charleston are now stepping up to increase love thereby decreasing the fights, evoking emotional factor.

Tamica explains that the ladies had been friends for eight years, so she was blindsided when Charleston announced that her divorce from Jeff was final and that in the same week, she announced that she was going to marry her college boyfriend, Reece Thomas.

Tamica looked shocked that she found out at the same time as everyone else, which made her rethink the idea that they were best friends.

Considering the status of them being best friends, Tamica always says, wait and see the kind of thing we have been working on. While she and Reagan attempt to mend their friendship, things are seemingly growing more and more tense between Tamica and Kelsey.

At the time of appearance on AfterBuzz TV, Tamica admitted to looking like a “mean girl” towards Kelsey However, she also insisted that the reason she isn’t warm with Kelsey is because she believes Kelsey is acting out and amping up drama in an attempt to get more camera time.

Beyond Tamica and the cast of Southern Charm New Orleans, fans were really surprised at how much had changed from the first season of the show to the second. Southern Charm Stars Tamica Lee and Reagan Charleston moved on from first husband Jeff to second husband Reece, and was pregnant at the time of her second wedding.

After the cameras have been turned up, Kelsey was seen drinking a lot and trying to kind of fit in because it was uncomfortable on some level, Well it was termed as totally abrasive.

“I advocate for Kelsey,” Tamica continued. “I’m a girl’s girl and I really push for her. I don’t want her to settle. I want her to own what she is and what she wants, and I feel like she’s saying one thing and she’s doing another and acting another way. And I don’t know how to deal with people like that. And I don’t want those people around me.”

While Tamica has never said that she doesn’t like Kelsey, per se, she doesn’t believe she and Justin will ultimately wed.

She said- I’ve said since day one,They are never going to get married. So, I will stand by that,” she confirmed. “I would love to be wrong. I don’t mind being wrong but I’ve always stood by that.”

Summary- You have always heard of Southern Charm Stars Tamica Lee and Reagan Charleston being friends, here’s what you have been missing out! Read out, to know far more than their friendship and afterwards!

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