Longing for a marvelous holiday in an enchanting destination with complete glitz and glamour! South Korea is the perfect travel haven for you. Get a South Korea tourist visa to plunge in a perfect retreat. South Korea offers a galore of engaging and super exciting travel hotspots to vacationers. And the wonderful nightlife is just another icing on the cake. Apart from the popular attractions, there are several unmapped parts of the country wanderers come in search of. All these can happen with a South Korea visa in hand on time. The thoughts of exploring a new country, amongst new people from diverse cultural background and devouring the mouthwatering local cuisines utterly create a perfect synthesis of exhilaration. Through this short piece of content, we intend to convey the documents and the application process related to South Korea tourist visa. Get more information in the below section.

South Korea Tourist Visa Document Checklist

Gathering enough info about South Korea, the visa application process and the right documents are the prime steps you must take when you decide on the trip. Visa application involves you into a rigorous documentation process. Your effort to adapt yourself with each step and acquiring suitable knowledge makes it possible to perfectly complete the visa application. Follow the Embassy information on what documents to be assembled, how to fill up the South Korea visa application form and write the covering letter and how to submit the application for South Korea.

· Original passport with a validity of minimum of six months

· 2 photographs

· Personal covering letter

· Visa application form

· Pay slips of the past three months’

· Bank statement of the past three months with enough funds

· Tax statements

· Flight and hotel reservations

· Day wise travel itinerary

After getting the right documents and setting them in order, you can consider seeking professional help and handover the work to an experienced visa agent. Hiring a consultant can save your time and you can expect more organized work from experts. Take a look here https://sanctumconsulting.in/how-to-apply-for-south-korea-tourist-visa-f... to get a better understanding of the South Korea visa application process.

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