It has been proved that in the ancient decades, sound healing was used regularly for pain and stress relief. Some old methods of sound healing are still exist. Eventually, the modern technology has invented amazingly specific, effective and reliable instruments. These instruments enable us to use the frequencies of sound to restore the balance in specific conditions and illnesses in human. Every human body has certain frequency at normal state, whenever the illness persists, it expresses by changing the frequencies of body. These changing can be measured with the help of unique sound called ‘fingerprint’. The converse frequencies of sound are used to recover the normal frequencies of human body.

However, the scanned frequencies may vary in person to person, but very slightly differ for the same illness. These minor variations can be covered with HTSF, which deals with illness frequencies entirely. However, HTSF must be selected according to the age, weight, and gender of the user. The HTSF can be selected to deal with the specific health condition, or you can select HTSF from many available frequencies formulas of sound healing for emotional, vitality, and mental well-being.

After a deep research, it has been proved that health frequency of normal human range between 62-72 Hz. Several diseases appeared in a human as it drops lower to this level. For example, diseases such as flu and cold appear when the level drops to 58Hz. When it drops to 42 Hz, cancer may appear in many human. Now the basic research has shifted into extreme skillful research field. This expertise research has produced huge variety of frequencies related to several diseases. Eventually, it looks like to be near to biochemistry beside physics. Many people think that sound healing is a simple field, but not anymore. Now a deep knowledge is required to generate effective frequencies.

Heal tone is a sound formula of HTSF, known as best conversation tools between your illness and particularly calibrated type sound frequency. This conversation is the most vital tool of today in the sound healing physiology. In scientific terms, HTSF is the name of formulas on sound frequency. These specially designed formulas are vital to balance and modify the frequency of sound not only for the illness of a patient, but for the illness as well. It can be explained as the HTSF only orders the imbalances due to the illness to restore the balance, restore the health, and restore the natural state of the patient. Every illness, condition, or symptom has a specific designed HTSF. There are different types of HTSFs. Some HTSFs have a single type of sound frequency and many other HTSFs have more than 19 frequencies. More than 1200 particular illnesses are dealing with HTSF.

These HTSFs are best tool for physical and mental states of illnesses. The research disclosed that the same frequencies had been recorded in different patients for specific disorder and illness, regardless of the place and time. Therefore, the specific frequencies of sound correspond to related illnesses even to the DNA.

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Jill Magso is a member of the Silva Team and contributes to spreading enlightened ideas and sharing teachings about meditation practices. The Silva Method encompasses a variety of powerful exercises that take you deep into Alpha and Theta levels of the mind so that you can work within your subconscious as well as your conscious mind.