Soul Retrieval is a very sacred, ancient healing practice. In fact, it is believed to be the oldest known healing modality on the planet. Simply put, a highly trained shamanic practitioner follows the rhythmic sound of a drum or rattle into the shamanic state of consciousness, sometimes referred to by me, as the “delicious dark.” The intent is to find and bring home to the one who has come for healing, “willing” lost soul parts or lost gifts.

I will say that, in my humble belief, we do not actually lose parts of our soul, although that is how this process has been described since time out of mind. I prefer to think that we have an event, often when we are quite young, and the trauma of the event causes us to disassociate certain aspects of our essence or energy. I often liken it to placing it on a shelf until we are ready or able to integrate the experience.

So the question which naturally follows is what is it - this energy or essence? Imagine a 4-year-old little girl who loves to sing. She sings when she is happy, when she is sad, when she is pensive - it is truly how she relates to her world and those in it. One day her mom (or dad) comes home from work with an intense headache. When she hears the little girl singing quite lustily and joyfully to her dolls, she puts her hands over her ears and says a bit harshly “will you please be quiet?” Well, the little girl perceives that her singing has hurt her mother’s ears. In this example, the “it” that might go on the shelf is joy, freedom, spontaneity - perhaps even her singing voice.

The intent of the Soul Retrieval process is to bring home the gifts that were lost as a result of the trauma. What may also come home is a power animal or guide that may be guarding or protecting the gift. The power animal or guide could become a life-long friend whose presence is felt in times of need, gratitude or joy.

The process begins before you and I meet. In fact, it could begin the moment you decide to inquire about a Soul Retrieval, so even as you read this, notice where you come into the story of the words. Notice any dreams you may have in the next few days. Make a note of any questions you have. Then we will have a phone conversation and we will talk about your intent.

A typical session for a Soul Retrieval can have three aspects. A time for bonding or trust building between you and I, which can emerge out of talking, or I may drum your heart beat while we sit together in a space of love. During the Soul Retrieval process I am listening to a drumming tape while I go on a shamanic journey to look for the gifts which are ready to come home to you at this time - for your highest and best good. We will have some slight contact during this time, perhaps my hand on your shoulder. You can simply relax, meditate or even sleep. If you are a person who is familiar with the shamanic journey process, you may have your own experience while you listen to the drumming. Another choice is that you listen to beautiful, specially designed sound healing music through headphones. Either way, your experience will not impact my journey. When the journey is complete, I will tell you the story of my experience, just as it was given to me. It is your story. We can then talk if you like.

Afterward, you could have a mini sound healing session to celebrate the return of your gifts. During a sound healing session you again simply relax, and listen to me play various instruments. I hold a space of love for you and your gifts while I play and I imagine that the vibrations deepen your integration.

It is my honor to sit with you in this ancient healing way.

Cyndy “Snake Dancer” Paige
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Cyndy Snake Dancer Paige, is a Shamanic Sound Healer who received the name “Snake Dancer” from Spirit in a profound Native American Vision Quest experience. She is of Muscogee Creek and Choctaw heritage and is a Council member of the Buffalo Trace Society. Cyndy has extensively studied Earth honoring traditions, and was traditionally trained in initiatory type apprenticeships with indigenous elders. Her practice includes Native American Spirituality, Sacred Sound Healing, and all aspects of Shamanic Healing. She facilitates monthly Sacred Circles, Workshops and Residential Retreats at her studio in Landenberg, Pennsylvania, and maintains a busy private shamanic healing practice, all of which honor the use of the drum, rattle, sacred sound and dance for connection and healing. Cyndy offers retreats and workshops nationally with a heartfelt focus on creating Native American Frame Drums and Rattles in sacred way; passing along ancient healing rhythms; and the secrets of creating sacred circles in your area. Every year she also assists with powerful Vision Quest experiences which provide an opportunity for the natural world to guide you in your personal transformation.