Totally enchanted with energy work, I have been working with NES, a system for scanning the human energy field blueprint for distortions and imbalances, and other energy healing modalities. Recently, I was guided to an approach for health and well-being by working from the Soul level; more specifically, from the Akashic records, soul blueprint level. I felt really comfortable with the work, and the information I gained was like the best sci-fi story I’d ever read! I was so taken with the concept that I studied and became a practitioner!

Briefly, there are many levels or dimensions of existence and we have connections to many of them. I’m keeping the focus narrow for this article.

We have chosen to incarnate into a physical body- a 3rd dimensional phenomena. Energy is dense at this level, and accomplishing things takes action and a certain amount of effort. (Don’t we all know this!!)

Our souls exist in the 5th dimension and up, a much lighter energy field where things happen instantly. This is the seat of spirituality, information and part of our essence- the energy that we are.

What did Soul Realignment™ do for me?

I gained clarity and understanding about myself, the tendencies that I have, such as believing in magic and ET’s, my love of technology, especially my healing equipment, and why I always had an underlying desire to make things better. I am just expressing my soul energy and specialized training. This gave me comfort- I was not crazy for having these feelings and desires, I stopped judging myself for being different.

Then I found out about why I was having so much trouble accomplishing what I knew I could accomplish. I had some damage and distortions still with me, that had occurred because of choices I made in other lifetimes. I was running programs of self-doubt which affected several chakra energies, like the 3rd, 6th and 7th. Basically, I doubted myself so much that I couldn’t move ahead, and distrusted my intuition. Plus, I had taken a vow of obedience, so I felt an unconscious need to get approval for any decision I was about to make!! I was effectively disempowered.

After the clearing and realignment process, I noticed that the little knot that was always in my solar plexus (that I didn’t realize was there) was gone! I felt more peaceful, more confident and clarity started entering my thoughts and decisions.
I endured a day of physical upset, as my body energies realigned with my untainted self.

Because negative patterns from many lifetimes can be well established in our physical bodies, there is homework- reinforcing the realignment requests- to be done daily for at least 3 weeks. This supports the clearing and ‘reprogramming’ of higher consciousness energies and patterns into the unconscious.

How can Soul work help physical health and well-being?

People have different belief systems about how to be healthy and what to do if something happens. Some believe implicitly in the power of medications, herbs, surgeries or other physical manipulations. They get results with these methods.

Health as a response to thoughts and feelings is becoming a more popular concept in healing modalities. Affirmations, positive thinking and seeking uplifting feelings have become powerful for those who’s belief systems and inner ‘wiring’ align with this less dense form of reality.

Throughout the ages, spiritual healers, shamans, priests and priestesses and modalities such as Reiki and other energy healing, acupuncture, and ayurvedic medicine practices address health from an energetic-spiritual perspective. There is some truth to the idea that maladies are caused by evil spirits, negative thought forms, energetic tears and smudges to pristine energy fields. And there is the age-old concept of good and evil.

It is my opinion that for true well-being and healing, at least from within the confines of our current knowledge, that healing starts on the soul level- removing obstacles and realigning to our highest purpose. To be effective, this must be supported by positive thoughts and feelings that are in alignment with our soul-selves, and actions taken in the physical that support the good thoughts and spiritual aspects. Full alignment between dimensions, for maximum benefit.

I’m curious. Have you ever really stopped to ponder what aspects you believe are necessary to accomplish superb health and well-being?

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Seeking her whole life for a 'cure' to psoriasis, Elaine discovered the 'key' for her was in her spiritual connections with her Divine Self and Spirit Guides. From there energy 'trickles' down into the physical. She has extensive knowledge about many healing modalities; her favorite is Eastern philosophies. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Breema© Practitioner, Soul Realignment™ Practitioner, Health and Life Coach, Licensed Tax Consultant and Business Owner. For more detailed information about Elaine, go to her website: and her blogs: and