A Journey to Healing

My purpose in writing this article is to expose the unique benefits of the modality of Soul Realignment™, and to illustrate my own journey from emptiness and anxiety to healing and fulfillment.

Several years ago, I found myself at what was obviously a major personal crossroads, both internally and in my physical life. A close family member became seriously ill, which had a tremendous effect on me. I experienced a higher degree of anxiety than I’d ever believed myself capable of; at the same time, I was forced to face the fact that at the age of 58, my life seemed to have little meaning. After some early forays into spirituality in my 20’s, I had drawn back from any serious consideration of the larger questions and began to hide within a fog of intoxication as much as possible (I was never an alcoholic, but found my comfort in other ways).

It was at this crucial juncture that I decided to resume my quest for higher truth and meaning. I knew instinctively that there had to be more to reality than meets the eye – science has obviously only scratched the surface of what makes things the way they are. I haven’t the mind for most science, but I thought that perhaps I could penetrate the surface of understanding through the “back door” of spirituality. I do all right with facts and figures, but have always had much more satisfying results using intuition to arrive at an answer without necessarily going through a strictly logical process. At the same time, I knew that I am incapable of believing anything “just because”. Far too many seekers, it seems, base entire belief systems on “feelings” without any proof, personal or scientific, to back them up. This was not acceptable for me.

After a period of study of various concepts, and the observation that my personal reality was displaying occurrences that continually pointed me in a particular direction (“synchronicities”). I had sought the counsel of a psychic one time (something that I would never have remotely considered a short time before), mostly because she clearly had some ability to see into a greater reality (I had spent much time listening to her radio show, where she performed readings on the fly). Her advice was somewhat helpful, but nowhere near specific enough for my taste. I was at another turning point: what next step would satisfy my wish for clarity as to the unseen, and at the same time provide some direction for me in my personal life. I was still experiencing distress because of the situation with my ill loved one, and what I considered to be my various shortcomings had become more clear to me. I felt that to gain reliable understanding in either area would benefit both aspects.

It was at this new decision point that I was lead to the healing modality known as Soul Realignment™. One is always hesitant (or should be) to invest in anything unknown, but the testimonials for the practitioner I consulted seemed solid, and I was intrigued by the specificity of those. I was also impressed by the idea that the process seemed to have some structure; instead of “feeling around” for answers as a conventional psychic might. Soul Realignment™ provided a structure for gaining specific information from the Akashic Records – the energetic “place” containing an impression of all that had ever existed; and presumably, in the realm of infinite possibility, all that ever could be.

My own Soul Realignment reading was life-changing in more ways than one. The same day I received the written report, I lost my job with the company I’d worked with for nearly 20 years. This major synchronicity was not lost on me, and I actually laughed out loud at home when I read that the clearing process can bring about changes in one’s physical life. Losing the job was a trifle; in fact, it was a blessing in that I was freed from a routine that had long ago lost any sense of satisfaction for me. My journey so far had already taught me that all that is needed is trust – trust that if one’s inner wisdom is followed one step at a time, there is truly nothing to fear.

The benefits gained by my having received the Soul Realignment reading were numerous. Although initially the ideas presented seemed strange and foreign to me, once I saw how they correlated to things about myself (and my life to that point), I had no choice but to accept the framework presented.

Finally, I understood exactly why I had never felt I had a “voice” and had been reluctant to speak up, although I knew I had much to offer – I’d been carrying several attached entities and had sustained damage to my psychic structures. It became clear why I had spent all my life since my first awareness as a child, feeling that things just aren’t as they should be; it turns out that I my soul’s origin and main descriptor is as a “Blueprinter” soul, and one of my life purposes is to determine what isn’t working in the reality in which we live. I gained further insight into the reasons why I’d always relied more on intuition to arrive at correct conclusions, detested wrongheaded thinking, and had a strong protective streak – I had training at soul level in the energy of the Archangel Michael.

Why had I always felt attracted to out of the ordinary experiences and a degree of risk-taking? It turned out that I am an Explorer Soul who has mapped the galaxies and investigated far-flung places undreamed-of by our civilization.

Sounds farfetched. However, once I was able to relate the traits described (by, I might add, someone who knew me not at all) to my real, physical life and personality, I had no choice but to accept. The information not only explained the things that had been holding me back, but also verified for me what I had felt could be my gifts and strengths, but which I’d been afraid to fully express. This in itself was incredibly empowering.

But as remarkable as the information was, it was not the best part of having undergone the Soul Realignment process. The negativities that I’d accumulated at soul level over many lifetimes were cleared. In this framework, these negativities are called “blocks and restrictions”, because the effect they have is to artificially block the flow of the various energies to us from Source – Divine Love, Light, Truth, Abundance, and Power. “Realignment” means to become fully aligned with receiving these energies, leading to clarity in spiritual evolution and a heightened ability to attain a physical life more in line with ease and grace.

In my case, I was so impressed that I chose to put my intuitive gift to work and pursue training in this modality myself. I now have served many clients all over the world in healing themselves and learning who they truly are and what they’re here to accomplish.

The above points out the important differences between Soul Realignment™ and other means of accessing the Akashic Records. In many cases, practitioners may gain access to the Records, but have no framework of questions to ask. Soul Realignment provides such specificity that during the course of a normal reading, a series of 200 or more questions are asked by the intuitive. Once the information has been gathered, a further process is undertaken to gain an understanding of how and when the negativities occurred, and how they are showing up in the physical life.

Secondly, unlike other modalities that use the Akashic Records simply as an information source, Soul Realignment™ provides a method for clearing the negativities once and for all. In effect, the blocks and restrictions that may have been affecting the client’s soul structure for many lifetimes are removed from the soul’s Record for all time, as though they had never existed. Through the power of intention, the practitioner performs the clearing. However, the effectiveness of the process is immensely heightened by having the client first becoming aware of the exact nature of what is being cleared, and then also performing his or her own personalized ritual, thereby adding the client’s free-will intentions that the blocks be removed. Thus, the power of the Divine Self is allowed its fullest expression, and the healing begins full-force. Since all healing ultimately come from within, this method is highly effective.

Lastly, the certified Soul Realignment™ practitioner receives an attunement that provides a specialized “team” of Spirit Guides – those beings whose assignment in spirit is to guard and administer the Akashic Records. Without this additional guidance, it would be a difficult task indeed to access what is in effect an infinite amount of information.

In the end, the reader is left to use his or her own intuitive resources to judge whether the process of Soul Realignment™ might be an effective technique to pursue. In my humble opinion and experience, it is the best, fastest and most effective method to self-knowledge, healing, and the fullest expression of one’s true soul-level gifts. I know that I certainly would not have arrived at the degree of fulfillment and peace I have now, had I not been drawn to it. You are invited to investigate the services available on my own website, The Healed Spirit

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Michael L. Pierich is a certified Level II (soon to be Level III) Soul Realignment™ Practitioner, intuitive spiritual life coach and counselor, and an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church. He humbly offers a free report entitled “Navigating Upheaval & Change Through Self-Awareness & Synchronicity”, available on his website, The Healed Spirit. The website also contains detailed explanations of the services available, as well as many thought-provoking articles on various spiritual topics..

For more information regarding the healing modality of Soul Realignment™, please visit the Soul Realignment website.