“The Soul is a construct in time.” This was the initial answer I was given when I asked a Spirit Mentor of high authority in the spirit world exactly what the soul is. He went on to share with me a greater explanation of the system that is 'the soul'. This I will share with you.

The Soul is immense. It is infinite in the same way that the Universe is infinite. It is multi-dimensional in the same way too. Multi-dimensionality in this definition describes the many, some say infinite, individual existences, worlds that function independantly of each other. It is safe to say that the Soul is very, very big!

Your Soul allows you, the Divine Being, to be present within this Universe. It is the matter upon which you 'move around' within the Universe. It is also the matter upon which your experiences including your many lives and beyond, are recorded. Because of this, the soul also carries the trauma of so many terrible experiences you've been through during it's history within the Universe, and has even sustained serious damage because of these traumatic experiences.

In the same way that your Soul is how you are able to be here in the Universe, your energy system – i.e., the auric bodies, the chakra system etc, is how you are able to be in this world. It anchors you in this system of dimensions. Your energy system is the place of interaction between your soul, your Consciousness and the external world. It is at the energy system that the soul trauma emerges, its dark resonances affecting (sometimes very deeply) your life.

It is through understanding how the soul and your energy system work, that you are able to take charge of your life. Knowing Psychic Hygiene tools such as clearing, shielding and grounding are important to maintain the integrity of your energy system against the external world. To deal with healing the soul history, you will need an experienced Energy Worker.

Author's Bio: 

Daniella Breen B.Sc.(Psych) has many years of training and experience in Energy Work. These days she works with Spirit Technicians with high levels of skill and authority who do the deep surgery and clearing work whilst she focuses on the deep excavation of the energy system and soul finding the tangles and blocks, often ancient, that have limited a person's personal power. To learn more, please visit http://www.soulpathcoaching.com.au