The supreme energy or power of the entire cosmos is ones soul force. On the one hand at the worldly level everyone thinks that wealth is our supreme need of the hour and yet if we think deeply wealth is definitely inert and material in nature. By itself it has no energy or force of its own and that its use/misuse or good/bad aspects lie entirely in the hands of its owners. Just as a responsible man who possesses a gun/sword can use it optimally for protecting himself and others or on the other hand an irresponsible person will misuse these weapons so as to harm himself and others too. The same holds true for wealth too. A mature and responsible owner of wealth will use it for his own comfort and that of others too. On the other hand an immature and irresponsible person will misuse wealth at his disposal, to harm himself and society at large. From this example it is clear that instead of money power it is one soul power and that of the intellect tat reigns supreme. Further only that intellect is supreme which is spiritual and one pointedly focused. This is because a criminal and tainted intellect can wreak nothing but havoc for that person and others in society too.

It is very much for the above reason that we believe Gayatri to be the supreme giver of divine energy and powers. The chief aim to Gayatri is to aspire for sacred soul force and a focused taintless intellect. This will help one to individually prosper both materially and spiritually and contribute towards world well being. Gayatri is not limited to attaining mere material comforts because it definitely augments divine energies in our soul and sacred psyche. These divine powers in turn help us combat successfully dire times that may come our way in future. It has been seen that these divine powers on innumerous occasions give us immediate divine inspiration and guidance to solve both lesser and more dire problems efficiently in a tension free manner. In comparison an ordinary layman without this divine intervention would undergo agony and pain while facing such hardships. Over and above this anyone who performs Gayatri practices with unswerving faith will achieve soul uplifting and ultimately God Realization because at the subtle level divine powers start manifesting in his/her sacred psyche. Even in today’s modern times many mature Gayatri aspirants have attained the supreme divine state of Self Realization.

In a village called Jaun (Jaipur region in India) lived a staunch Gayatri devotee named Pandit Hararai. He knew beforehand when he was going to die. He called all his family members and gave them spiritual advice. He continued chanting the Gayatri Mantra and died on the day predicted by him.

Pandit Bhudharmal of Ratangadh (India) was a Brahmin and great devotee of Gayatri. In Samvat 1966 he came to Banaras and resided there till his death. Since he too knew beforehand when he was to die he planned a huge religious program. He continued his Gayatri practice and ultimately gave up his mortal coil in Ashadh 5 Samvat 1982. While he was alive many ordinary people sought his blessings and later these ordinary men earned a lot of wealth due to Panditji’s grace.

In the Alwar region of India a gentleman born in an ordinary family experienced detachment to the world (Vairagya) for some reason. Hence he left for Mathura city and there he started Gayatri practices. After chanting the Gayatri Mantra 10 million times he had Gayatri’s vision (Darshan) and thus attained Self Realization. The place where he performed Gayatri practices is today revered as Gayatri Teelay. A small temple has been constructed there which has a beautiful idol of Goddess Gayatri. This great saint’s name was Bootysidha and observed silence of speech (Mauna) all along. Many people have been blessed by this great saint. The King of Alwar and Dhaulpur too were staunch devotees of this holy Gayatri saint.

A great sage chanted the Gayatri Mantra regularly in a cave behind Mandhata Omkaareshwar temple. At the time of his death his family members were around his bedside. One child of the family prayed: My intellect is weak and hence bless me that I do well in my studies. The great saint took some water from his pot (Kamandal) and sprinkled it on the child’s tongue. The sage said: Child! You will become a great scholar. As per this forecast the child became a great scholar after he entered youth. This youth attained fame in Indore by the name of Omkar Joshi. The then King of Indore was so impressed that when he went for his daily morning walks he would invite Omkarji to join him.

An aged man of penance called Khandayrao performed Gayatri worship under a gigantic tree in a place near Bithoor. Once he conducted a huge religious function of Gayatri Yajna followed by feeding many Brahmins to a sumptuous meal. Daily hundreds were fed delicious meals. At night 9 p.m. the food items to be served got over. Many others were yet to be fed. Khandayrao was told about this problem. He told his followers to fill 4 large cans of river Ganga water and fry Pooris (Indian bread) in this water instead of oil. When this command was carried out the Pooris turned out to be very delicious. Next day 4 huge cans of Ghee (clarified butter) was ordered for and poured into the river Ganga.

Ahmedabad city’s resident Mr. Daahyabhai Ramchandra Mehta himself faithfully served Gayatri and spread Gayatri teachings to others too. Since his mind was sacred and focused he had all psychic powers seen in realized saints.

Swami Manohardasji of Deenva region performed many Gayatri Purashcharanas. He opined that these spiritual practices proved so beneficial for him that he does not wish to even talk about them just like a very shrewd and stingy millionaire does not wish to disclose his assets.

Kaathiyaa Baba of Vrindavan, Udiya Baba and Swami Gangeshwaranandji (devoid of gross eyesight) all commenced spiritual practices after first meditating on Gayatri. And thus their penance gave amazing results. Virtually all Acharyas of the Vaishnava sect lay a lot of emphasis on Gayatri devotion.

Other great saints of modern times like Pandit Balbhadraji Brahmachari of Nawabganj, Swami Devdarshananadji of Sahranpur, Saint Yoganand of Bulandshaher, recluse and realized saint Swami Brahmarshidasji, Bihar’s Saint Anashaktaji, Yajnacharya Pandit Jagganath Shastri ‘OM’, Rajgadha’s Saint Hari Om Tatsatji etc attained great benefits due to Gayatri devotion. There have been many saintly householders who steadfastly performed Gayatri based austerities. Thus all of them attained both material and spiritual success.

I myself (Author of this e-book) have performed Gayatri practices right since youth and it has become the very foundation of my life. Whatever success I have attained as far as overcoming bad thoughts, mental distortions, vile psychic imprints etc is solely due to Gayatri’s blessings. It is Holy Mother Gayatri’s compassionate grace that augments divine sentiments in true Brahmins, belief in righteous duties, sense of service (Seva) to world beings, self control, self introspection etc. I have undergone extremely trying times in life and yet all these were warded off by Gayatri’s blessings. There are so many incidences in my life which are proof of this and hence my faith in Mother Gayatri augments more and more by leaps and bounds. Of course, it is not possible for me to give details of so many other such extraordinary examples. With my effort and encouragement many have pursued the holy path of Gayatri and it goes without saying that they attained soul purification, aversion for sinning, faith in truth, augmentation of wholesome qualities (ethics, service to the world, cosmic love etc), self control, sacred attitude, theism, awakening of latent soul powers and true spirituality. Maybe they did or did not attain other worldly benefits and yet all of them definitely benefited spiritually. Further if one cogitates over this deeply it is clear that spiritual benefits outweigh worldly benefits infinitely simply because all the material wealth/success of the world put together is not even a pale shadow of the potency of spiritual attainments.

Hence we will humbly request our dear readers to commence Gayatri practices with devotion and witness their stupendous benefits. Those who seek Mother Gayatri’s shelter definitely attain purity of mind, sense of discrimination (right and wrong), positive thinking and execute wholesome deeds. Soul awakening via Gayatri practices gives not only spiritual benefits but worldly and material benefits too.

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