Developing relationships can be equally as confusing as rewarding, yes? Especially at this time, when so many older souls who are attentive to spiritual awareness and energetic balance actively seek romantic partnership for the purpose of raising consciousness and working at a deeper soul level.

Even among those new to spiritual development and energetic sensitivity to others, the concept of a soul mate sounds enticing. The information presented in both mainstream and alternative media paints a picture of someone perfectly suited, who will serve the purpose of bringing out your best through a lifetime partnership of unconditional love with you.

The truth of the matter, though, hard as it might be to hear, is that each of those concepts contains broad strokes of misconception. We each must do our own work; that description is one of co-dependency rather than a healthy romantic relationship. A qualified therapist can help sort that out, or a couple’s counselor if you’re already in a committed relationship.

The vitally important difference between a life partner and karmic connection, though, creates the most havoc I’ve seen on the romantic relationship playing field. To offer concise, clear descriptions:

Firstly, a soul mate isn’t necessarily a romantic life partner. You can create a soul mate out of any living being, as essentially a soul mate is someone – whether a romantic partner, a platonic friend, a professional colleague, or even a pet – who is connected to you on a deep level, most often in a way that challenges you. At best, you learn to address the challenges that you feel, within yourself, and grow stronger as a person. Often when that happens, the soul mate’s purpose is complete and the two of you may go your separate ways.

That’s what happens when a karmic connection is brought into your life. You feel an undeniable attraction to someone. On a human physiology level, that attraction is lust. When it continues past the physical attraction and feels like an intense emotional attachment, that’s a strong sign that the connection is karmic. That means that the two of you have unresolved matters to settle that are leftover from a past life or multiple past lives. The more past lives, the more intense the feeling of attraction and attachment, because it’s coming from several different sources of soul-level unfinished business.

Perceiving – insisting, even – that the karmic connection must absolutely be the soul mate and life partner that one has been waiting for often creates confusion, frustration, disappointment, disillusionment, and other negative emotions once that karmic imbalance has been addressed as fully as it can be in this lifetime. Many times, each partner in this current life is operating at a different level of spiritual awareness and energetic sensitivity. One will continue to feel an imperative need to be connected, while the other will create distance instead. This happens when it is time to move on.

Yes, my dears, it’s easy to say and hard to do! But it must be done. Since there are strong emotional feelings, it’s nearly impossible to see the situation objectively or from a linear logical point of view. What has occurred, though, is that you have graduated from that karmic imbalance. That connection is no longer needed or appropriate to hold in your life. You need to move forward rather than hang on. Otherwise, you will create increased emotional imbalance for yourself, trying over and over again to figure out what went wrong. Nothing went wrong. It’s simply time to move on. Simple, yes. Easy, no.

A psychic advisor can help you identify the true nature of the connection that confounds you. Keep in mind, though, that the term is “Psychic Advisor.” You will receive an expanded perspective and advice for how to empower yourself to regain your balance and move forward, not predictions of what the other person is thinking or doing. When it’s time to move on, it’s essential to let go – to stop attempting to dive into the other person’s energy and pull your attention back to your own center, then invest your energy and attention into your own life.

Blessings on your path,
Dr. Renee

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