Either the soul is eternal and you reincarnate after death, or the soul does not exist and you’re nothing but a body and brain.

According to the theories of reincarnation and karma, your soul will live on and choose specific life circumstances in each lifetime in order to learn and understand on a spiritual level.

Yet there is a modern movement involving cryogenic deep freeze after death to await “reanimation” once, and if, technology progresses to the point of bringing a dead body and brain back to life.

Below we outline two distinctly different outlooks on life—the soul and reincarnation vs. cryogenic deep freeze and reanimation.

Imagine, after a person (or pet) dies, instead of cremation or a graveyard, they are put in a cryogenic deep freeze. There are groups doing this already, and they expect to someday be able to reanimate the dead person.

This approach ignores the theory of the soul being eternal, as well as reincarnation. You could equate a frozen cadaver to a person being in a coma, but at least the person in a coma isn’t clinically dead yet and the soul hasn’t departed.

Not only must technology be advanced enough to bring a dead body back to life, but it must be able to rejuvenate that body and brain too. How many decades in the future must we wait for this to happen? Or will it never happen?

It may be a good idea to first see if it’s possible to put a living person in a deep freeze for months or longer, then bring them back to life. Freezing a corpse may be a futile exercise.

The theory of reincarnation dictates that the souls of those frozen bodies have long since departed, are on the unseen dimensions, and are likely amused at the idea of earthbound humans taking a Hollywood science fiction approach to life.

Considering each lifetime is but one page in the book of life, the frozen body ideology is like being stuck on the same page of the book forever.

Our findings show that souls on the other side plan many core experiences of each life and also the approximate duration of each life. Lifespans are limited for a very good reason, just as seasons of the year are limited, and duration of each day is limited.

If cryogenic deep freeze and reanimation is a viable option 300 years from now, for example, the approximately $200,000 it costs to place your entire body (freezing your head only costs $80,000) in a deep freeze may sound attractive to some people.

Nanotech technology and stem cell research would have to be able to revitalize the body to make it worthwhile, perhaps making the body like that of a 25 year-old again. Cloning would need to be available too, to create a body for those who only froze their heads.

Mixing the two philosophies together, a lost, earthbound disembodied soul could potentially take over the body upon reanimation, sort of like a walk-in experience, but it doesn’t seem very viable to us.

Meanwhile the already-departed soul is experiencing bliss on the higher plans and shaking his head at the idea of reanimating his cadaver; there are other, more important missions to be undertaken, such as the work on the other side his soul already signed up for, and the future lifetimes on other, higher dimensions.

Regardless of how their experiment turns out, everyone will eventually find out the truth: either you’re just a body and brain, or you have a soul and you’re already immortal, spiritually speaking.

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