Sony WF-1000XM3 Competition and should you buy it?
in ear headphones bluetooth test
in ear headphones bluetooth test

There is little competition in this particular category of true wireless earphones - ANC is usually reserved for over-ear earphones and some wired wireless earphones, such as the popular WH-1000XM3 earphones from Sony and the fantastic QC30 earphones from Bose.

As I mentioned earlier, the WF-1000XM3 does not sound much better than some of its cheaper competitors, but seems to be because its ANC fades in additional sound so the music is more in front and in the middle. That's great. But if you do not need this active noise cancellation and can rely on the "free" passive isolation that the vast majority of real wireless earphones offer, or which requires water resistance, or just do not want a massive housing swirling around, there are better options in the category ,

Full, warm sound
Noise cancellation is exceptional
Comfortable fit (with the right seal)
Charge USB-C
Ingenious battery life


Expensive for real wireless earphones
Carrying bag is huge
No water resistance
It can be difficult to get a good seal
Adaptive sound feature is useless

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Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones || bluetooth in ear headphones test 2019
in ear headphones test 2019
in ear headphones test 2019

Mpow has launched the Mpow Flame Bluetooth headphones. The headphones have really caused a sensation with their overall quality and the fact that they are IPX7 waterproof certified, but they are as good as people say. In today's test we will try to find out.

Starting with the design of the Mpow Flame headphones you immediately notice that they feel like premium headphones. The headphones have a cool dark red and black color.

The cable is flat and should not be as easily entangled as a normal headphone cable. The hook on the headphones is gummed to facilitate attachment. In addition, the headphones remain switched on during sports or on the move.

Another nice feature that Mpow has taken into consideration is that the headphones are actually IP7X, which means sweat and water should not have that much influence on them. Nevertheless, we can not recommend diving headfirst with these headphones.

What is included in the MPOW Flame package?

Included in the pack are the headphones, three different sizes of earphones that will fit you perfectly, an EVA carry case, a user manual, a charging cable, memory foam earplugs, and the wire clip to plug in. Better fit the cable behind your head ,
in ear headphones test 2019
in ear headphones test 2019

The right earphones of the Mpow Flame headphones include the volume buttons and the track buttons on the top and power, and the play and stop buttons, which are hidden behind the Mpow logo. A nice little thing that keeps the look clear and simple. Under the right earphone is the USB mini-input to charge the headphones.


The battery of the Mpow Flame lasts about 7-9 hours and in our tests we have about 7½ hours of electricity at high volume. For this price range, it's pretty impressive considering that even some of the more expensive headphones do not get that much. If you are looking for something similar with slightly more battery power, we recommend that you test the Mpow D7 headphones, which are almost the same but have a battery life of 10-12 hours.

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