Anderson Silva debuted at the UFC in June 2006, and he acquired the middleweight championship title on October 16 of the same year. Since then, the Brazilian has defended his belt in nine opportunities, including his main card fight from UFC 117 when he faced Chael Sonnen, who is now challenging Silva to a re-match for the title.

Sonnen is coming from defeating Brian Stann at UFC 136, and said that if the fight against Silva becomes a reality and he end up losing, he will be retiring for good. It seems like a good idea, as Sonnen is not getting any younger at 34, and Silva is no youngster either at 36. Some critics are saying that the Brazilian only has 3 or 4 more matches on his career, which is why a re-match against Sonnen sounds like an outstanding opportunity for Anderson to prove that his victory over Sonnen was not just the result of a last second miracle submission, which is what everybody thought at the time since Sonnen manhandled the current champ and looked more proficient than the Brazilian.

Ed Soares and the rest of the Silva camp are not very hopeful about the fight since they know that Sonnen has been working on his grappling game and is more proficient at jiu jitsu, and we all were able to see this in the fight against Stann, as the former marine looked helpless, almost like an amateur against the Oregon native.

There are no immediate prospects for Silva to face, and this is another of the reasons why this fight makes so much sense, as everybody wants to see these two middleweights facing each other one more time at the octagon, and Dana White knows that this is a match that needs to take place.

Silva’s last defending of his title was on August 27 at UFC 134 against Yushin Okami (which elevated the record of the Brazilian prodigy to 31-4, while Sonnen’s record is currently at 26-11-1), and the bout between Sonnen and Stann was on October 8, meaning that both fighters will need to wait for a while in order to train as much as necessary before they are ready for this fight.

In the mean time, we still have some good mixed martial arts coming soon as we have UFC 137 on October 29, with fans really eager to see if Georges St. Pierre is going to be able of defending his welterweight title against a man he’s fighting for the first time in Carlos Condit.

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