Ladies and gentlemen, it is a great pleasure that we have gathered here to witness the astounding union of this two wonderful parents of mine, I remember when i was four years old i used to eavesdrop my father telling my mother ''sweety, am gonna love you even when you hit 99'', I have come to realize that this man is serious.

From their photos, when they were still very young and I was still nowhere in the picture, I normally see the young love that has amounted to what we are witnessing today, the young man in my dad had a manly face, with side burns running down besides his ears, accurately shaved and maintained, my mother on the other hand was in that tender age, and still is a beautiful woman that my father could not ignore, you could feel the love oozing from the photos unlimited. They make me realize that perfect relationships are not made of money, the wonder places you visit, but with unparalleled resilience to go through the hash and the enjoyable times together.

Not for one single day have I ever witnessed my parents quarrel over any issue, they are the mature parents i wouldn't trade for any other, Mum always tells me ''son, you don't have to shout to be heard. Always talk through the issue as though you were talking about a pleasant thing.'' She taught me the importance of courtesy, she always insisted that i finish with a thank you after being served with an ice cream by the ice cream man, it is natural for me to say sorry for my mistakes, a quality that resemble my father's character. Throughout the time I have borrowed and learned a great deal of self discipline from my parents that has enabled me to live well with others.

I am happy to be present to witness my parents exchanging vows today, it is a mark of responsibility that portrays the parsons they are. Putting aside this special moment in order to see me through school first, is one thing i will always be grateful for. I want to personally thank you mum and dad for the assistance you gave me in my school work. I thank you for always providing for me, for loving me and taking good care of me.

Finally, it is with great joy that I give you my blessing as your son for the many years ahead. Dad, always take care of that beautiful lady, protect her, and be there for her. Mum always remember that you are not only a great woman in my life but also a matter of life and death to the man you are sitting besides. Respect and honor him for the rest of your life, be kind, loving and the main reason for his joy.

I sincerely want to thank you all for making this special moment a success. Thank you for honoring the special request to attend this landmark event.

Mum and Dad, I will always love you with all my heart.
Thank you.

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