We all get caught up with things that are going on in our immediate environment, sometimes it’s hard to imagine what’s going on somewhere else in the world. This might bring you a little closer in thought and hopefully in heart.

While you are eating; somewhere, someone is hungry. As you are laughing; somewhere, someone is shedding a tear. While you are holding your newborn; somewhere, someone is dying. As you are reciting your vows; somewhere, someone’s heart is being broken. When you were out dancing; somewhere, someone is learning how to walk all over again. While you are singing; somewhere, someone is praying for their voice to be heard.

Life has its ups and downs. You are not guaranteed a great time every moment of every day. You learn to grab and hold on to those moments that make you smile and your heart feel good. You have to experience the bad things so that you can appreciate the good things, you have to have something to compare the good times to. Just as you know what it’s like to be surrounded by loving people, you also know what it feels like to be alone, but you don’t want to be lonely.

To me life is a heartbeat that is felt throughout the universe. That one heartbeat can be felt by so many and is bonded with people through experiences and feelings. We are not all different, we are all the same. We just haven’t realized it yet, that will take generations to come. There is no good or bad, just what our perception of it is, and that perception varies from one generation to the next.

For those who have a hardened heart, while you wallow in anger and spend your precious time and energy seeking ways to seek revenge; someone somewhere is wrapping their loving arms around a baby struggling to breathe. You can either carry on old ways, or look at this baby, (a new life, a new breath), and see it as hope for a new generation that knows no anger, that knows only love; and you can teach it how to give and receive. The gift you give yourself is prosperity which is produced from love.

Just as you experience both good and bad events in your life, you also have choices to do good and bad things. Your heart is either pure; to help mankind make a better world for the next generation, or your heart has been hardened by past events and you cannot see outside of your own hatred and despair. Only you know the difference, and only you can change things. Give love and hope, not hate and despair. Which would you want your child to know?

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