Sometimes we think that the odds are against us; however, in truth, the glorious flow of the Infinite Intelligence is working with you, for you and through.  The problem is that we don’t believe it is possible and we think that the odds are against us because we don’t feel smart enough, valuable enough and most of all worthy.
It is time for you to stop limiting your words and start verbalizing your highest potential by declaring what you want to manifest for your life.  It looks like we set up ourselves daily to stop our growth by using limiting words and thoughts.  Sometimes you may feel like the underdog but you have a powerful force and source within you that cannot be defeated!  Only you will defeat you when you limit your possibilities by defining who you are with your words and thoughts that are limiting.
It’s time for you to change your thinking!  It’s time to watch the words that come out of your mouth and yes, it’s time to let your Creator show you how to reach your highest potential.
I would like to suggest that if you truly want to manifest your for your life your greatest desires, you will need to speak to your Creator daily and be in gratitude and thanksgiving for all that you have right in front of you.  Gratitude is the key that will unlock the door to your greatness.  Visualize the future you want, visualize and feel into the future you want to live.  Express your gratitude to your Infinite Intelligence and say ‘Thank you’ for the life you are about to develop and receive.  To reach your highest potential, you need to express with your words all that you expect to become.  To manifest for your life requires you to believe without a shadow of a doubt that it is more than possible; it is part of your living testimony that belongs to you.
Today, dare to believe in yourself and the Infinite Intelligence that lives within you.  With God’s help nothing is impossible.  It’s time for you to stop limiting your words, your thoughts and believe that you are moving into a new life that is limitless!

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