If you are feeling desperate because you are trying to save marriage alone, do not despair. There are many others in the same boat as you and such cries for help can be heard from both men and women alike. This is probably because they have made the same common mistake; entering a relationship with unrealistic expectations of fulfillment and happiness.

Unknowingly, they have started off the relationship on shaky grounds but they had been so blinded by love that they were not aware of it. When they finally discovered that the ship they were in had started to sink, it was oftentimes too late.

However, once you have faced up to reality and admitted that your marriage is in trouble, it is a lot easier to save marriage that way then for someone who refuses to admit that there is something wrong with the relationship and continue to hold on to false hopes. It is indeed hard to admit failure but that is the first necessary step to finding a solution and acting on it.

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If you have analyzed the situation you are facing and discovered that you still love your spouse very much and do not want a divorce, it is vital that you remain determined. Since you are trying to save marriage alone, you will have to inspire your partner to work at getting the marriage to work because both parties need to play a part. Both of you have to work at recapturing the old flame and healing your relationship.

It is a much easier battle to fight when the troubles have only just started but many couples are often so caught up in their own personal matters that they fail to notice the tell-tale signs. Some initial symptoms could be a lack of affection, getting more interested in themselves or frequent late nights. If you are starting to sport such signs, it is time you make an effort to re-ignite the old flame and get it to burn strongly again.

If your marriage has already gone down the hills and you are finding it hard to save your relationship on your own, you might want to consider marriage counseling. However, both parties have to be willing to work at improving the relationship, otherwise no amount of counseling will work. Your spouse might not be willing to open up to a counselor or even to meet up with one.

When that happens, you should then consider counseling your own marriage. It is really not as hard as you think because you can carry out simple counseling yourself. You understand your spouse well so you will know what will attract his or her attention again. Even if only one spouse is willing to make the commitment to change, your marriage can still be saved.

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The vital thing to keep in mind when you save your marriage alone is to be persistent and patient. You might not see results overnight but look out for signs which might tell you that your marriage is improving.

What I have learnt through my own and my client's hardship is most of our relationship issues come from our own unhealed wounds. It all starts and ends with ourselves. It means once we work to heal those wounds -i.e. change ourselves- our partners will also change with us. They have to.

It might seem counter intuitive but you'll be surprised at how true that is and how well it works. Try it yourself.

However, if your relationship is really beyond salvage because your spouse refuses to reciprocate no matter how much effort you put in or come clean and admits to you that he or she is in love with someone else, then it is a sign that you should move on with your life. There is really no point in hanging on to a marriage if it is obvious it will not work but you will never know till you try and a marriage saved is definitely going to be worth the effort.

If you are really committed to to get your marriage back on track, mesmerize him with your feminine magnetism.

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