Sometimes we women just need a break every now and then. Sometimes if the smallest chore is done for us, it will totally make our day. Sometimes a compliment will carry us through a hard day. Sometimes when we face a challenge we have the self confidence that we need to conquer it. Sometimes you will see a hidden smile when we’re supposed to be mad. Sometimes we love being by ourselves while other times we love the company of our family and friends. Sometimes a phone call, a hug or a friendly voice is all we need to make us feel just that much more special. Sometimes our cup runneth over, more times than none.

Sometimes I get so busy that I don’t always say or show the people just how much I care. Sometimes I just want to golf or fish with my friends. Sometimes I have to hold back a tear when I see something that touches my heart. Sometimes the love grows and grows, and I get afraid because I don’t want it to stop. Sometimes I wonder where I’ll be years down the road. Sometimes I just want to play and never grow old.

Sometimes I like to play with all my friends. Sometimes we fight and it feels like my heart won’t mend. Sometimes at school the work is too hard. Sometimes I’m so happy that my mom and dad tell me that I’m gonna go far. Sometimes I tell my parents that I had a bad day, they always understand and encourage me and send me on my way. Sometimes I push myself harder to try something new, my parents love and encouragement has taught me this too. Sometimes at night before I go to sleep I pray, thank you god for giving me this day. My mom, my dad, sister and brother too; we have learned that there’s nothing on this earth we can’t do.

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