I come to you in love and a desire to walk in the ways of beauty. Human in form, I seek to be that which I came to be – the who that transcends the mind of man and is untouched by doubt or illusion. Who is it that speaks to and through me, giggling in wonderment of this breathtaking miracle? I am alive and witnessing a magnificent moment. An evolving consciousness guides me home and I know that claiming my inherent wholeness is the only way. The sacred way. The beauty way. Division only an illusion of forgetting, I find my way back into the truth of our oneness. Knowing that all conflict is sourced in my mind and the thoughts I entertain, I breathe a higher intelligence into me and once again, I come together, unified in the awareness of love and fully aware of my Divinity.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin – All My Relations

Join me in the spaciousness of infinite wisdom – an intelligence that seeks to be felt, heard and expressed through you. It does not matter what you call IT. God, Universe, Great Mystery, Source, It is all the same and knows of Itself by no name.

You are here to give presence to this consciousness within your Self and to transcend the human mind that says you are limited.

It is time to claim your Divine inheritance and know the truth of your existence.

You are the bridge to all healing and transcendence. In Lakota, my favorite words used to describe “God” are Taku Wakan Skan Skan, which essentially translates into “something sacred is in motion.”

The sacredness of this “something” in motion is a moving presence that exists in all things material, non-material, living and inanimate. It is the substance of all creation in a form absent of form.

It is what animates life and receives it when it returns to the place of before and after. It is consciousness and imagination, sparking passion and inspiration in our minds and hearts, most often anonymously, with no need for credit. It is the breath of life and the warmth of the sun. And...it loves you beyond measure...

This awareness is asking to be felt, known and demonstrated in your life. You are being asked to actively participate in your own evolution, healing and growth. Many of you may

And, as you know, it’s not always comfortable or timed to fit into your busy schedules, nor is it willed away when you seek convenience or comfort.

You are receiving an invitation to move towards embodiment. Conceptual understanding is not nearly as meaningful, nor potent, in the ways of co-creation and healing.

But, you already know this and intuitively, you are aware that you are being nudged to integrate the wisdom that has traveled with you since your inception.

You do not lack capacity or ability, and your worthiness is a given. You can argue against all of this, but to what end? Denial of your birthright? A dismissing of the sacred encoding that was born to you?

Enough. It is time to say yes to a reality that exists whether or not you see or believe it. It’s not personal. It is simply a universal truth that is not capped or hindered by your beliefs or the parts of you that resist or are unconscious of it.

Seek communion in your breath, your thoughts, and in the moments of silence that reveal the still voice of infinite wisdom and possibility.

And if wondering and asking yourself today, “What is mine to do and be?” Ask in the silence and receive the wisdom that is in motion within you. Taku Wakan Skan Skan…and remember, the something sacred in motion is also you.

Be love, be peace, be hope, be faith. Be in the allness of the everythingness and rest in the grace of your Divine nature.

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Anita Pathik Law is a coach, hypnotherapist, published author, speaker, an Ordained Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking and a powerful voice in the consciousness movement. Founder of The Power of Our Way Community and host of Conscious Dialogues, for over 17 years she has worked with thousands of people around the globe to help them “Raise Consciousness and Take Responsibility for Their Own Shift.” Known as a manifestation magnet and a “midwife to the soul,” Anita has leveraged the power of the mind and spirit to overcome the seemingly impossible. She guides her clients to tap into their own mastery by awakening to and aligning with their soul's purpose to receive their inknown wisdom and gifts.

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